“How is natural soap better than conventional soap?” After all these years in business, it’s still the most often requested question. Here are five advantages to using a gemstone bath bar made by hand.

  1. Gemstone Bath Bar is Actually Soap

You’ll find a variety of body cleansers labeled as body bars, body washes, cleansing bars, skincare bars, deodorant soaps, and even beauty bars as you walk down the supermarket’s aisles or medicine store. They’re nothing more than disguised detergents. The majority of soap available in the market today are commercially manufactured chemical mix of ingredients. It isn’t natural, and it isn’t even “soap.” However, Gemstone Bath Bar is Soap.

  1. Gemstone Bath Bar is Made with Natural Ingredients

Our soap bar formulas start with a unique blend of skin-nourishing, nutrient-rich certified organic oils. When feasible, we use more expensive organic virgin, unprocessed oils, and butter because they are less refined and retain more of their natural benefits. To generate natural color, aromatherapy, texture, and light exfoliation, we combine organic butter, purifying natural clays, organic herbs, seeds, grains, spices, flowers, vegetables, fruits, chocolate, and pure botanical essential oils, all inspired by our love of gardening.

  1. Gemstone Bath Bar Is NOT Made With…

Our soap bars contain only the ingredients they require—no added preservatives or foam boosters that liquid body washes or commercial bar “soaps” use to extend their shelf life to years.

Natural soaps contain:

  • no synthetic ingredients
  • no artificial fragrances or perfumes
  • no artificial colors
  • no detergents
  • no synthetic preservatives
  1. Gemstone Bath Bar is Moisturizing

Natural soap made from pure ingredients taken directly from nature is getting more difficult to find these days. In a technique known as “superfatting,” we add a lot of extra plant oils and butter to our soap bars. When making a soap recipe, superfatting is the practice of adding extra fats (oils or butter) such that there is more fat in the mixture than the lye can react with during the chemical reaction. Thanks to this technique, our natural soap bars have better moisturizing and emollient characteristics, which leaves a fraction of unincorporated oils in the finished soap. Commercial soaps forego the moisturizing characteristics in favor of their “eternal” shelf-life because adding more oils and butter reduces the shelf-life of a soap bar.

  1. Gemstone Bath Bar Provides Real Aromatherapy

Scented natural soaps, made with pure essential oils rather than fragrance oils, give aromatherapeutic benefits. Essential oils are effective in a variety of ways. Aromatherapy can aid with stress relief and spiritual re-energization, among other things. Natural botanical essential oils are the only ones that can stimulate the release of a variety of neurochemicals in the brain, impacting the body, mind, and spirit.

  1. Gemstone Bath Bar Helps Maintain Healthy Skin

The largest organ of the body, our skin, is incredibly porous and absorbent. The way we manage our skin has a big impact on our overall health and its appearance and feel. Everyone wants beautiful skin, but synthetic chemicals aren’t compatible with it. Switching to a simple Gemstone Bath Bar on a regular basis is a wonderful place to start if you’re having problems finding a soap that doesn’t irritate your skin. Your skin will be able to distinguish between the two.

  1. Gemstone Bath Bar is Economical

The price of homemade soap deters some customers. When you see a bar Gemstone Bath Bar, you’re probably wondering why it’s so much more expensive. I mean, isn’t soap just soap? Isn’t it true that both bars clean your skin? While I agree that both bars are skin-cleaning, the similarities end there. Simply said, commercial soaps are made using synthetic chemicals that are relatively inexpensive to make in a lab.

But here are some things to think about!

Extra oils or glycerin in commercial soaps are undesirable since they reduce the product’s shelf life. If you don’t have any extra oils to moisturize your skin, you’ll need to reach for that bottle of lotion.

So, while a bar of commercial soap may be less expensive, what happens when you include the expense of all of the cream and lotion (both of which contain chemicals) that you’ll need to rub all over your dry, itchy skin?

  1. Gemstone Bath Bar is Unique

Soapmaking is a combination of science and art for us, and it has taken years to perfect. It’s a labor of love on our part. We take the effort to make organic soap formulas that incorporate excellent natural and organic ingredients without sacrificing beauty or aroma. At Seer Secret, we design custom formulas for each style of bar. Our recipes are created in-house with the help of research and natural components. Nature provides us with our colors, fragrances, and textures. Regardless of your skin type or personal preferences, one of our natural soap bars is ready for you.

  1. A Gemstone Bath Bar Company Has Social Consciousness

We don’t use the term “environmental stewardship” lightly. It’s not a talking point, a political stance, or even a question of optics! At Seer Secret, We employ raw materials that are sourced in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner.

Consider the number of people who use commercial soap every day. We utilize organic ingredients because we believe in supporting organic farming.

  • Our products are free of animal testing.
  • Our palm oil and other additives have been verified as environmentally friendly.
  • Our products are biodegradable, and we use recyclable materials in their packaging.
  • Our packaging is plastic-free in excess of 99 percent of the time.
  • Our natural ingredients will not pollute our environments with synthetic chemicals.

When it comes to ecology, there are additional advantages to using natural soap. Packaging! Gemstone Bath Bar producers, like ours, prefer to utilize environmentally friendly packaging and shipping materials. The cardboard boxes of our bars are created from recycled materials.

  1. You’re helping a small business succeed.

I don’t think I need to persuade you that purchasing small businesses is vital if you read this site. Your purchase has a significant impact.

When you purchase Gemstone Bath Bar, you are assisting a small business that genuinely cares about and believes in the items it produces. These entrepreneurs are frequently the ones who provide a breath of fresh air to an otherwise routine environment.


Gemstone Bath Bar differs from conventional soap in a number of areas, including its composition, skin and health benefits, and impact on the environment.

Allow natural aromatherapy to calm your senses, moisturize your skin, and make you feel good about the products you use on it. To embrace a very basic joy of life, use a handmade Gemstone Bath Bar. This tiny adjustment will not only leave your skin well-conditioned, but it will also contribute to a happier planet!

Your skin will sense the difference and appreciate you for it.