10 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views

Creating video content can be a very pressured project. You will be required to constantly be on your toes. When curating a video, it is essential to take care of all the minute details because the moment you get ready to plan the production dates, it becomes even more! 

Video production should be fun because that will also reflect in the end-product once the video editor is done with their magic! However, a shoot day can easily turn into a stressful day without a solid plan! 

To not get overwhelmed while filming, ensure your plan will handhold you along the way – starting with the basics while progressing steadily towards complexity. It will also make editing easier since you will already have structured the idea before anything goes wrong! 

So, here are ten video production tips that can help you with just that:

Know Your Target Audience

It can be a difficult task to define your ideal target audience. It involves figuring out who you can address with your video, what they might want, and how well they will receive the information. 

So, build buyer personas and narrow down video viewers instead of opting for a generic group. This will help you create better videos, in the long run, to appeal more effectively and to enhance your marketing efforts.

Be Creativity and Original

The concept for your video project should be original and creative to immediately grab the audience’s attention. Avoid taking the easy route and copying an existing idea because that will most definitely disappoint your audience.

Go through buyer personas and keyword research to find out what types of video content are popular and successful in your industry. Do some research to see if another brand has covered the same angle. Take each lesson on board before building on it. Create something unique that you can call your own!

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Visualize, Outline, Write!

When you have figured out your original story, you can start working on a visual idea of how it will be presented. Video creation involves planning each shot to have enough content to edit, reshoot and use. 

Once you have decided on the visuals, you can write the script or outline the visuals because if you think writing a video script is the same as writing a blog post, you might have to think again. 

Tripods To The Rescue

Use a sturdy tripod to keep your video steady and looking professional. There are tabletop tripods and full-body tripods. If you have shaky hands or the shot involves a lot of close-ups, consider using a tabletop with flexible legs that adjust to different angles. Alternatively, use a full-body tripod for less flexibility but greater sturdiness.

Light It Up!

There are many different ways to film a video, but you have to make sure that your video has the right look and feel for you in terms of lighting and surface quality. Sometimes it is easier to get creative with your lights, but making sure what you’re filming is properly lit will give the final product a professional appearance. 

Pro Tip: If you are filming from overhead, using strobes nearby is an option. If it is coming from just one side, angle your subject off-center and use mirrors or reflectors on their opposite side to bounce some light back into the shadows.

The Rule Of Thirds

An excellent photography tip is knowing how to use the rule of thirds. This involves splitting up your shot into thirds vertically and horizontally rather than centering it. Centered pictures can leave a shot feeling stiff and lifeless, whereas using this rule leaves room for movement in what might otherwise be a static picture.

Pro Tip: Always try to film your subject in one of the side panels of the divided frame. 

Have Your B-Roll Ready

Cover up your cuts with b-roll footage to make them seamlessly blend in. Also, make sure to take the time and film more footage as a backup. Finding stock footage online is always an option, but nothing beats the original shot you can get. It is always best to keep your shots in the same setting to avoid inconsistency within the video.

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Video Editing

Make sure your content is warming up to your target audience. Edit videos to get to the point in a matter of minutes. Ensure it is neither too long nor too short and concisely explain everything. 

Provide an outline of your write-up if any quick questions lurk within the text. This makes it easier for your viewers to understand, and more importantly, “digest” what you are saying – facts, figures, or advice! Remember, always ensure that the beginning of your video is what counts and stops a potential consumer from clicking on the next suggestion. So, make it engaging and relevant to your audience.

Pro Tip: If you would like to try your hand at editing, there are multiple online platforms offering many such video editors. This is the best online video editor tool that is simple to operate yet brings a professional touch to your video content. 

Optimize Your Video Text

Do not be too complicated, and do not use anything that is not pleasing to the eyes. Use clear text – preferably a serif font like Helvetica. Keep it simple and sharp. Be very brief with the number of words on your video and get to the point quickly, or better yet, allow your product pictures and other animations to do all of the talking!

Optimize The Video As Per Platform

You may have a strong idea of where your video will end and be ultimately viewed. This should always be at the back of your mind when coming up with ideas and editing. 

Depending on the platform, you will have numerous adjustments which will need to be made. For example, embedding captions. Not everyone has the volume turned up on videos as they are watching, and captions allow such audiences to still have the same experience as others have by reading along with what they are seeing. 

Some sites such as YouTube also have a feature to track views more accurately. For instance, if someone watches a video for more than 30 seconds, the viewer is counted. However, if the viewer moves on before that time, the view is not considered. Therefore, you would need to ensure that the first 30 seconds of your video are as engaging as possible to your audience at any cost. 

You Are Set To Roll!

Now that you have some new ideas and tips on focusing during your video production, you are good to go! Be as prepared and organized as possible, and you will be making compelling and interesting videos easily in no time.