5 Essential Tips for Staying Connected to a Loved One Living Abroad

There’s so much to be said about the experience of spending time abroad. Whether your loved one is going abroad for work or play, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll have incredible experiences they’ll fondly remember for the rest of their life.

But being separated from loved ones by so many miles can take its toll on important relationships, so it’s important to have a plan for staying connected and close. Here are some key tips to keep in mind.

1. Put social media to good use

If you’re like most people, then social media is probably a huge part of how you live your life these days. After all, it’s part of how people keep track of current events and exciting new trends. They use it to stay in touch with friends and perhaps even make a few new ones.

Social media is also one of the more convenient, effective ways to stay connected to your loved ones when they’re traveling abroad. You can fill your feeds with photos and updates to keep each other updated. You can share memes, chat, and more, as well.

2. Check in with regular video chats

Texts and chat apps can be terrific ways to stay in touch with loved ones across long distances, especially if different time zones have you keeping incompatible hours. But there’s nothing like video chat to help those miles just melt away, as you get to see and hear each other in real-time.

Regularly scheduled video chats can be great ways for the person who’s abroad to check in once in a while and let everyone back home know that they’re doing OK, as well. Yes, spending time abroad should be about having fun, but it’s crucial to stay safe, as well.

3. Have a way to send funds if needed

Another option you should have lined up if you have a loved one traveling abroad is a reliable, convenient way for people back home to send them funds if needed. Even the most careful travelers can still find themselves facing a financial emergency, and it’s nice to know there’s a safety net in place.

Choose a secure, trusted app meant specifically for those who need to send money abroad. The right app is simpler, quicker, and more secure than your typical bank or wire transfers, as it’s always right there on your phone. And you’ll have more options for how you fund your transfers than you might otherwise.

4. Remember plane tickets make great gifts

When loved ones travel abroad on an extended basis, it’s natural to be happy for them and excited on their behalf for all the opportunities they’ll be enjoying. But it’s just as natural to really miss them and wish you could spend some time together in person.

So if it’s in the budget for either of you, it’s worth remembering that plane tickets make the best gifts when you miss someone. Is your loved one homesick? Fly them home for the holidays to see the family. Are they dying to have you see where they’re living these days? Make a vacation of it, and see them for a while instead.

5. Put together care packages

Even if your loved one is having the time of their life while abroad, they almost certainly have lots of little things they miss about home. That’s why care packages are such powerful ways to connect with loved ones across long distances. Receiving one is just like unwrapping a little piece of home that you can enjoy right there where you are while you’re off having adventures.

The key to putting together a package that hits just right is to include a mixture of items they genuinely need or could use and items meant to remind them of the comforts of home. For example, you could include some décor items for their accommodations, plus a batch of grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies to make it feel like grandma is right there.

Ultimately, there’s no way around missing someone you love when they’re far away from home, especially if they’re away for an extended period. But things get a lot easier when you make staying connected a top priority.