5 Unique Ways You Can Promote Your Small Business

Signs and banners are a valuable way to promote your business. Outdoor banners and signs are integral to the growth of your business. Whether you’ve got a start-up or you’re working with an established business, signs and banners are an effective way to draw attention to your business and spread brand awareness. They deliver important information about your business to your target audience with a clear call to action that generates results.

Multiple factors impact the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. The size and color of your business banners are as important as the placement and the graphics. A lot goes into generating creative results with outdoor banners and signs. Distinctive design, bold graphics, and location can draw attention and create the synergism you want. You can promote your business in multiple ways with outdoor banners and signs. Here are a few dynamic ideas to help you reach your unique business goals.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are smaller or outdoor banners displayed in a customer’s yard after great service. When you provide exceptional products or services, people are happy to help you advertise, and it’s free. Simply find a strategic location in the yard or on a street corner to post your yard sign or outdoor banners. This increases brand awareness because people do business with companies they trust.

Ceiling Hangers

Ceiling hangers are signs or banners that hang from the ceiling. They are unusual, so they stand out. Images that include bold graphics that correspond to your brand message are great attention grabbers. They should include directions or a call to action so your audience knows what you want them to do. Ceiling hangers are often used outside on sidewalks to direct people to businesses and eateries.  

Larger Than Life

Large outdoor banners that cover entry doors are incredibly effective. Using bold contrasting colors draws a lot of attention. These signs are unique and memorable, so people can’t help but read them. The same people tend to remember your company when they need the service or product you offer. That big door sign comes to mind, and you’ve got new customers.  

The Plane, The Plane

Large outdoor banners with bold text and dark font are often flown behind local airplanes. People love reading these signs because they are so unusual. If your target market is your local community or town, then flying outdoor banners behind an airplane is a fabulous way to garner the attention your business needs. Local pilots can make this a unique advertising option for special occasions.

Wall Signs

Outdoor banners can be used effectively as wall signs. These are often placed on the outer wall of a business to draw attention to a promotion or sale. For instance, a department store that shares a building with other businesses may display large outdoor banners as wall signs to get the attention of passersby. People may be walking off a meal or simply window shopping until they see the wall sign displaying the department store specials.

Order Your Outdoor Banners Today

Outdoor banners and signs can be used in multiple ways to draw attention to your business. They can help generate foot traffic, create synergism, and spread brand awareness for your company. Strategically placed outdoor banners and signs are an integral part of your marketing campaigns and your business growth. If you’re ready to grow your business, then order your outdoor banners and signs today.