9 Branding Mistakes to Avoid

To begin, it is critical to comprehend the term “branding.” In simple terms, branding is a marketing strategy that aims to create a strong, positive perception of a product or service in the minds of customers while also defining the entire brand. This is a difficult task at first because defining your agenda and what motivated you to start the business tells its own storey.

Today, you can learn about a few things that you should avoid (as a marketer), as the following could prove to be huge blunders for your company!

1) There is no research.

When there is little or no research involved, the brand often suffers. Remember that branding is the marketing strategy that should come first. Understand market trends, what’s in demand, and what your target audience is looking for. Surveys could be a useful tool for determining what the dos and don’ts are when creating an article or item.

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2) Confusion between the logo and the brand

The logo and the brand’s identity should complement each other. The brand and the products are far more important than the logo, which is the first impression of the company. The logo should not be hidden, nor should it be the sole focus of attention, with the products remaining the main attraction.

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3) Know who you’re trying to reach.

Though you can include your personal preferences and ideas, it’s a good idea to build your brand around a well-thought-out strategy that considers competitive advantage, target audience, and what they expect from you. Your very potential consumers will either cheer you up or boo you off stage, therefore the way you speak to your dear audience will impact how they react to your new collection. As a result, it’s critical that you say the correct thing (through slogans/ads), in the right way, and at the appropriate time!

4) There is a lack of consistency.

Non-regularity is one factor that might taint a brand’s image. Inconsistency can lead to a variety of problems. The strategy may be used wherever, from updating your website from the back end to staying active on social media accounts, because inconsistency demonstrates a laid-back, casual attitude that won’t be tolerated by the masses for long.

5) There is no business plan

When start-ups embark on their entrepreneurial adventure, the goals and company plan are frequently misunderstood! Whether it’s in the accounts department, quality control, or even how social media should be handled, issues occur quickly. Being systematic about each and every stage means you’ll know when to publish to social media, what captions to use, what filters to use, and what colour scheme to use! Because when there’s too much going on, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing. As a result, it has a significant impact on the brand logo design and attractiveness!

6) Low-cost Routes

When persons with no expertise start a new business, they frequently exhibit miserly attitudes by choosing low-cost alternatives. This can be seen in a variety of ways, from low-quality raw materials to sad packaging to the lack of photoshoots; instead, some companies use images copied from various search engines. When there are no standards in place and cutting costs is necessary, things can go tragically wrong.

7) Symptoms of Aging

Any large store with a tacky, rusted signboard may leave a negative impression on customers. Not only does it give a bad picture about the company’s caretakers, but it also shows how much the brand cares about the product’s quality if a signboard with fallen letters can’t be replaced. Furthermore, despite the fact that these events appear to be on the fringe, they do raise the public’s eyebrows. You don’t want your company’s signboard to become the next internet sensation because of a hilarious missing alphabet?

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8) Extending Your Brand Without Having to Think About It!

Managing directors and CEOs’ goals of expansion only become one of the most thorny problems in brand management when they hope to triple profits and increase business

Despite the fact that many reputable organisations have learnt the hard way through trial and error that stretched brand extensions may easily damage a brand’s position in the target market, many more have yet to do so.

9) A Negative Brand Experience

As important as the logo and the things you manufacture are, an unforgettable outstanding brand experience may undoubtedly cause ripples. Even if you don’t have a store and only have a website, make sure the website is compelling and inviting, the chat assistance is helpful, and even if a client asks the same question repeatedly, the admin maintains a kind tone.


All businesses require brand marketing branding, and you’ll need an expert like Logo Native to ensure that it’s done correctly. A piece of advise is to focus first on your branding and subsequently on marketing.