Access Any Protected PDF With the Help of GogoPDF

PDF is among the most accessible and convenient file formats used by many individuals today. Aside from its user-friendliness, it may also be protected using a user-generated passcode. This is to ensure that you are the only one who can access your file, and in case you give your code to someone you trust, then they can also. Encrypted PDFs are required for the confidential sharing of files because you can only access the content if you know the code.

But there are some circumstances where you may forget your password. Do you think you can still open or access it? Well, password-protected PDF files can still be unlocked when you’re working with the correct tool. The best method to do it is using GogoPDF, and here is a detailed tutorial on how to utilize its ‘Unlock PDF’ online feature.

Procedure on How to Unlock PDF

Several online PDF designers can assist you to unlock PDF with a password, but GogoPDF’s ‘Unlock PDF’ tool is the greatest on the web. It is incredibly simple to gain access because all you have to do is carefully follow the precise procedures below.

Step 1. Open the GogoPDF Site

Load your device’s web browser and type ‘GogoPDF’ into the search bar. The official website of the system will be the first site in the listings, so click on it. When you are routed to GogoPDF’s main page, seek and select the ‘Unlock PDF’ option.

Additionally, you can use your browser’s search function to enter “GogoPDF unlock PDF” and then hit the first link address that appears. It is the quickest way to access the system’s online program for unlocking password-protected PDF files.

Step 2. Submit the PDF to Be Unlocked

Once you’ve gotten at GogoPDF’s main channel, you can begin submitting the password-protected PDF you like to unlock or open. The simplest and most convenient method to do this is to press the ‘Select Files’ button in the center of the frame. The program will then allow you to select the file from your computer or phone to upload to GogoPDF’s cloud system.

Another approach for uploading files from laptops to servers is to use the drag and drop technique. Drag the protected PDF file you like to change from your device’s folder and drop it into the site’s uploading section or toolbox to accomplish this. Given the speed of your internet access, the process normally takes a minute or less.

Step 3. Let GogoPDF Remove the Passcode

After uploading the code-protected PDF to the system’s servers, you can begin unlocking it using the platform’s ‘Unlock PDF’ feature. The server will decrypt your file and erase the password that was previously used to encrypt it. You don’t have to wait long because the decryption procedure will be completed in less than a minute.

Step 4. Save and Download the Finished Product

When the decryption procedure is finished, you can begin downloading your password-free PDF file. Hit the provided link or the ‘Download’ option on the page to save it to your device or Google Drive. You can also send the unlocked PDF file to someone else via messaging apps. GogoPDF is the most effective and quick platform for unlocking your encrypted PDF files. So, if you’re seeking a means to unlock password-protected PDFs, it’ll always be available to help.

Advantages of Using GogoPDF

Many people use GogoPDF to unlock their PDF files for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below.

No Installation Required

The first one is that because it is an internet-based solution, people do not need to install any applications or software on their computer or phone. This implies that it will not take up any space on the computer which will provide more storage for other files. You won’t have to undergo the time-consuming setup process.

Secured and Safe Documents

One of the primary reasons why GogoPDF is the greatest PDF tool available is its cutting-edge security technology. It is important to the creators of this site that their customers’ privacy and security be maintained. It includes the most recent encryption technology to ensure a secure path to unlocking your password-protected PDF files. It also deletes processed files from the database after an hour to ensure that no one can access your files aside from you. The site’s additional security protocols can be found in its user agreement.

All-in-One Tool for Your PDF

GogoPDF provides a wide range of services, including locking and unlocking as well as converting numerous file formats such as Word, PPT, Excel, PNG, JPG, and more. It can also repair, split, merge, rotate, add a watermark, and e-sign PDF files, among other things.

High-Quality Outputs and Free to Use

GogoPDF will never jeopardize the quality of your documents. It ensures high-quality output without reducing the resolution of your initial PDF. Furthermore, all services are provided at no cost. As a result, you won’t have to spend anything to use its ‘Unlock PDF’ online service.

In A Nutshell

There is no denying that GogoPDF is the most powerful PDF tool available right now. Imagine being able to use all of its facilities and experience all of its appealing features for free. So, whenever you have a protected PDF that has to be unlocked, think about using GogoPDF.