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What is airtrack?

The airtrack air-filled mattress provides a stable landing while studying, rehearsing and mastering tricks. These mats are often used in sports such as; gymnastics, park our, wrestling, diving, yoga and much more! This has added to the popularity of home training to ensure maximum safety while playing any sport at home.

Why do you get airtrack?

Kameymall Air tracks have a wide range of applications for both home and gym. The cool thing about these mats is that they are easy to carry with our carry bag and extremely compact storage. You can also easily convert pressure to different levels of cushion and bounce. Overall, airtrack works differently and is a great addition to any gaming experience.

What size airtrack is best for you?

One of the most common questions we get is the airtrack size right for me? With all airtrack sizes it can be difficult to define which mat would be best for you. Here we will go through the airtrack sizing route Differences in size and their good use to help you choose the size that suits you.

Airtrack 10

The air track mat 10 is a 3x10x4 which is ideal for training in a small area. It offers a mat long enough to get the interior design while compact is perfect for small backyard, play areas and studios. This mat weighs 30lbs with foot pump and comes in a carry bag for easy travel. This allows for easy walking so you can bring them to the gym everywhere!

Airtrack 13

Just like airtrack 10, the airtrack 13 is perfect when trained in a small space, but this adds another three feet in height for those who need that extra room. This airtrack is 37lbs with foot pump, which is still light and compact enough for almost all ages and sizes to carry with a carry bag.

Airtrack 16

The airtrack 16 weighs 3x16x4 and is a good gym layout. It’s on the big side, but nice behind the houses. This length allows for more manoeuvres to be performed in a single pass or to add a change like a round off before you start passing. The weight of this mattress reaches 45lbs with a foot pump, which can take some extra power but still light to carry rotation for almost all ages and sizes with a carry bag.

Airtrack 16 pro

The airtrack 16 pro weighs 3x16x8 and weighs 78lbs with an electric pump. This mat works well in gyms or those who can find large open spaces. The airtrack 16 pro would be perfect for a high gymnast who wants to be able to practice passing with more tricks or more rotation in it. What makes the pro special compared to regular airtrack may be its thickness. The increased depth of the mat allows for an increase in bounce and cushion. This is especially helpful for those who are just beginning to learn some complex techniques such as front and back flips.

Airtrack 20

The airtrack 20 weighs 3x20x4 and weighs 55lbs with a foot pump. This may take some help for some small children to carry but it is still compact enough in a small space. This is the perfect length for high level players who need some training space. This can fit two tips for most players.

Airtrack 20 pro

The airtrack 20 pro weighs 3x20x8 and weighs about 95lbs. The weight of this mat would be ideal for an adult to see that there were no injuries while carrying it or someone to carry it. This height is perfect in gyms or training studios for hard taps and floors. Just like airtrack 16 pro, this mat is perfect for top players who need a room. Just like the airtrack 16 pro, this mat has a certain thickness. The extra depth makes the mat more bounce and cushion. You can add or subtract breaths depending on your needs.

What is the size of an inflatable mat for gymnastics?

Gymnastics tends to have floats with more matrices, so a mat as long as airtrack 20 is probably the perfect fit. For many gymnasts, the ability to practice some form of bodybuilding is essential.

Can you install airtrack on the grass?

Yes, you can install airtrack on the grass. To ensure maximum protection and longevity of the product it is recommended to place the tarp down in front.

What are the most popular airtrack sizes?

Our most popular airtrack sizes are airtrack 16 and the airtrack 20 pro. The airtrack 16 works in many homes with large yards and our customers like to have more room to make their tapes and flip flops. The airtrack 20 pro seems to be the most popular in the gym. It is big enough to fit in the gym and looks like a spring for their players to practice on.

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