Bhagat singh biography, wiki, childhood life, families, story and more

Bhagat Singh biography, wiki, childhood life, families, story and more

Bhagat Singh 


Let’s know about Bhagat Singh 



Bhagat Singh was an Indian revolutionary who played an important role in the Indian independence movement against British colonial rule. Born in a family of well-known patriot Sikhs to participate in revolutionary activities against the British Raj, he was very inspired by the courage of his father and uncle.

Bhagat Singh was born on 27 September 1907 in Punjab, India (now in Pakistan), to join a Sikh family in political activities.


He was very attracted towards socialism. It is believed that one of the first Marxists of India, Bhagat Singh was one of the leaders and founders of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA). Bhagat Singh was deeply saddened by the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Although he participated in the non-cooperation movement, but when he stopped the agitation after the Chauri Chaura incident, he was disappointed.




In April 1929, Bhagat Singh and one of his associates opposed the implementation of the Public Safety Bill in Delhi on the Central Legislative Assembly. The intention was not to kill the bombs they allegedly made, but to scare (no one was killed, although some injuries came). The plan was to arrest and prosecute the assailants so that they could push their cause forward.

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Arrested and Trial

The actions of the young revolutionaries were condemned by Gandhi’s followers, but Bhagat Singh had got a stage on which his purpose was promoted. He did not do any rescue during the trial, but with political dogma, the process was interrupted. He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.




Through further investigation, the police detected the connection between Bhagat Singh and the murder of officer Saunders and he was recovered. During waiting for the trial, he hunger in jail. After all, an attempt was made to hang Singh and his co-conspirators. He was hanged on March 23, 1931. It is said that he kissed the hangman’s nose, before it was put in his neck. His death brought mixed emotions across India. Gandhi’s followers felt that he was very radical and used to hurt the search for independence, while his supporters considered him a martyr.

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Family and Relatives

While Bhagat Singh was 13 years old, he was well-acquainted with the revolutionary activities of this family. His father was a supporter of Mahatma Gandhi, and after Gandhi’s boycott of government-assisted institutions, Singh left school and got admitted to the National College of Lahore.

his father name is Kishan singh and his Mother name is Vidyavati Kaur. his uncle name is Ajit Singh and Kaur Singh.




Biography & Wiki of Bhagat Singh   


Real Name  Bhagat Singh Sandhu 
Nick Name  Bhago wale 


Profession  Revolutionary  & Freedom fighter
Age at time of death 23 years 
Date of Birth


Date Of Death

28 sep 1907


13 march 1931

Birth Place  Banga, Punjab, British India 
Nationality  Indian
Star sign  Libra
Caste  Rajput 
Hometown  Lahore, Punjab, India 
Death cause Sentenced to death 


Father  Kishan singh 
Mother  Vidyavati Kaur 



Not known 


Not known

Uncle  Ajit singh & Swarn Singh 
Girlfriends & Marital Status  
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Girlfriends   N/a
Wife   N/a
Education & College   
Education Qualification  Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
School  Dayanand Anglo-Vedic High School 


College  National College  (1923)


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