Billigste Mobilabonnement- Finding the Cheapest Mobile Subscription

Mobile devices have become necessities that everyone must have. From smart phones to tablets and laptops, almost everyone has one or two of these that they use on a daily basis. These devices come in handy for both business and pleasure and can make life a lot easier for the user.

One of the major functions of these devices is communication and mobile subscription makes for easy communication. So, with a smartphone or mobile device and subscription to a Network Service Provider (NSP), you can interact with friends and family online, carry out business transactions and other forms of communication without physical meetings or presence.

When people move from one country to the other, they have to configure their phones to the specification of the country they moved to. In addition to that, they also have to subscribe to an NSP in the country.

In this article, we will share tips that will help you find the cheapest mobile subscription in Norway. The tips shared here may also be useful in any European country and anywhere else in the world.

Understanding Norway Mobile Operators

There are a number of dominant NSPs in Norway but there are also new start-ups that are trying to break into the market. Every one of these operators (both established and upcoming) use different strategies to attract customers but the upcoming ones offer more incentives. These strategies include flexible data plans, efficiency, fast internet speed and low pricing. Other incentives include international calls and free messaging.

All these strategies are geared towards not only getting customers but retaining them. Some even go to the extent of making their contract plans non-binding; this means that the customer can cancel at any time. You can visit for more information. Operators know that subscribers are always looking for ways to save money and get extra value for the money spent. That is why mostly upcoming operators make their offers extremely attractive for prospective subscribers.

That being said however, you must not be carried away by these incentives because some providers lure you in with incentives and then lower the standard along this way. This means that you as a subscriber will then be forced to switch from one provider to another when you no longer get the type of service you expect from your existing provider. So, you need to take out time to make an informed choice so that you would not have to go through the hassle of changing operators often.

Types of Mobile Plans

 There are two major types of mobile plans in Norway and they are the cheapest mobile plan that you can subscribe to. However, of the two, there is one that is a better option for you based on cost and convenience. These plans are the PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) and the Post-paid.

The PAYG Plan

This is also known as the pre-paid plan and is most often used by citizens or visitors with extended stay. This is mainly because it a fast means of connecting online and a major advantage is that you only get to recharge as the need arises. This means that there is no excess and ultimately you do not waste money on data that you wouldn’t use.  

The way this plan works is that you are connected as long as the units you recharged is running but once it is exhausted, you are cut off until you recharge again. All you need for this plan is a sim card and a phone. You just have to ensure that the phone is configured to work in the present location.

The Post-paid Plan

This plan is one where you sign up for a particular package of your choice and then pay at the end of every month. This plan is beneficial when you choose the right NSP and it comes with many attractive incentives. However, you must have an ID number to be able to subscribe with your mobile phone.

The way this plan works is that the NSP gives you access to uninterrupted service which you will pay for at the end of the month. The fee for this service varies per operator but it is something that the subscriber knows upfront. This means that you would choose the operator that suits your need and budget. Thankfully, there are many operators that provide flexible plans that you can adjust to suit your preference.

When looking for the cheapest subscription, it is pertinent to bear in mind that there are other factors to consider apart from the type of mobile plan. These factors include excellent service and value for money spent in addition to saving money. Without these factors, you cannot honestly say you have gotten the cheapest plan. This brings us to the next point…

Features of the Cheapest Mobile Plans

Now that you know how mobile operators in Norway work and the type of plans they have, there are some features to look out for to determine the cost effectiveness of any plan. Find below some of those features: –

No Needless Commitments

A cheap plan is one that does not come with unnecessary commitments. This means that an individual who is on a short visit to the country can access the service without being bound by nay contract. This will enable consumers to find a plan that can fit into their budget while meeting their needs. The plans are also flexible enough for them to switch if they need to at any point.

Unlimited Access and Roaming Ability

This is an important feature for people who are in the country for some ‘wild’ adventure or mountaineering. When you are on such an adventure, you need unlimited internet access. It is therefore necessary to get a SIM that has EU roaming ability. In addition, it must also provide high gigabyte limit to make up for the unavailability of Wi-Fi.

Adequate Coverage

One important feature of a cheap plan is that it provides strong and adequate coverage wherever the subscriber is or goes to. The provider must engage latest technology to provide a plan that helps the consumer to stay connected throughout their stay in the country. Any network service that works efficiently only in selected areas cannot be considered the best service for anyone whether visitor or resident.

Tips for Staying Connected as a Visitor in Norway

Although everyone in the country needs to stay connected with friends, family, business associates and others, visitors need this more. We believe that most residents know how to go about getting cheapest mobile plans so we will share some tips that will help visitors.

You cannot get the cheapest mobile plan if you do not get the right SIM card but it may be difficult for a visitor to know which SIM card is best for them. These tips cover how to get the best SIM card and invariably, the cheapest plan: –

Check for SIM Card Compatibility

Before you buy any SIM card, ensure that it is compatible with your phone or other mobile devices. Do not take for granted that most phones are compatible with all networks; double check to be sure that your device is not an exception. Failure to do so might leave you stranded or cause you some stress to rectify the situation.

Evaluate Their Customer Support

Before you buy a SIM card, ensure that you check out the customer support of the provider. Do not buy a SIM card from an NSP that is not customer friendly. This is especially important because some issue might arise that will need the intervention of the operator and if they are not readily available, you might run into some trouble or inconvenience. Click here to understand the difference between coverage and reception.

Know the Network Coverage

Some NSPs have limited coverage which means that their network is stronger in some areas than others. You need to find out the areas where the provider you want to sign up with has strong coverage. In fact, it is in your best interest to find an operator that has widespread network. This will allow you rest assured that you will not be stranded wherever you are in the country.

Find Out Their Data Privacy Policy

Find out the policy of the NSP as regards to the protection of your data. Some operators are more careful with the data privacy of their consumers than others. It is recommended that you find out and sign up with an operator that respects and carefully guards the privacy of their consumer’s data. This will save you from hackers and other unscrupulous elements online.


As you shop for the cheapest mobile subscription, do not forget to check the speed of the internet provided by the operator you want to sign up with. Additionally, remember to find out how easy it is to activate their SIM. An efficient operator provides SIM cards that are quite easy to activate and operate seamlessly.

We believe that these tips that we have shared will help you make an informed decision about your mobile subscription and also get good value for your money. Bear them in mind for when the need arises.