Breast Augmentation and Scars: Complement Each Other

If anyone wants to increase the size or change the shape of their breasts, then breast augmentation is one of the common ways. After the surgery, women are conscious of the breast implant scars. But with the proper aftercare and techniques, one can easily remove the spots. First, however, let’s discuss the types of breast augmentation. 

Types of Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer augmentation and breast implants; are mainly two types of breast augmentation. But there are also different options available within these categories. 

If you want to do breast augmentation, you should research it properly and know its pros and cons before making your decision. 

Fat Transfer Augmentation

This is the safest way compared to breast implants. Usually, the surgeon uses liposuction to take fat from the other parts of the body to inject into your breast. This is the best solution for women who prefer natural results and slight increases in the breast.

The surgeon will take fat tissue from your belly, back, thighs, flanks, or back. 

The fat transfer method takes less recovery time; if you are looking for quick recovery, then go with this method. 

You can expect this augmentation will last for a lifetime. However, keep in mind that you will continue to age, and the time does march on; hence, if you want to continue looking young, you should consider additional treatment. 

Breast Implant 

Even though fat transfer augmentation is the safest and takes less recovery time, the breast implant is the most popular form in the United States. 

For women who are unhappy with their breast size or have two different sizes of breasts, the breast implant is an effective way for them. 

Usually, breast implants vary in three particular areas: material, insertion method, and placement. 

  • 1. Material 

The material used in breast implants is saline or silicone. 

Saline implants usually fill the breasts with sterile salt water. And once the salt is injected into your breasts, your body will absorb the saline; thus, you will get rid of it naturally. 

Besides, the silicone implants are made of silicone gel. Even though the implant breaks, the gel could stay in the shell or will leak into your breasts. If you go for the silicone implant option, you must visit your surgeon regularly to ensure the implants are working correctly or not. 

Between these two materials, the saline implant method is cost-effective. 

  • 2. Insertion Method 

The insertion method includes a cut under the breasts, around the nipples, or underneath the arms. Your breast implants can go for one of these three methods depending on the implant type, size, and body.

  • 3. Placement 

Breast implant placement is another type of breast augmentation. Again, you can go for the placement according to your surgeon’s advice. The breast implant can be placed behind the breast tissue or in front of the pectoral muscles. 

What Sort Of Scarring Could You See from Breast Augmentation?

Before going for breast augmentation, the most common question women ask is, – will there be any scarring? If so, then what will it look like?

Since breast augmentation is a surgical process, there will be scars. But don’t worry, you can reduce them and make them less noticeable. 

Usually, the location of the scars depends on where you get the placement. These scars may take six to up to 18 months to fully heal. The scars could be red or pinkish, and sometimes you can see them getting even worse before they fully reduce. 

How to Reduce Scars after Augmentation?

1. Follow Your Surgeon’s Advice 

Once your breast augmentation surgery is done, your surgeon will give you some instructions, which are known as post-operative care. Strictly follow these instructions to minimize any risk of infection and reduce the scars. 

2. Massage 

Gently massage your breasts on a regular basis to minimize any scars. Doing this in a circular motion will soften the scar tissue.

3. Use Vitamin E Oil

Applying Vitamin E oil to the scars will improve them. You can also use a silicone sheet or Mederma. 

4. Give it time 

Usually, any kind of scar takes time to heal; hence the spots after breast augmentation are the same. Give them time to recover fully, and these scars take six months to a year to recover completely. Sometimes, it takes more than a year. 


Breast augmentation is a big decision, so you should consult your surgeon before going for the augmentation. However, if this surgery makes you feel confident and your appearance more beautiful, go for it.