Custom key chain buying guide- a must read

Choosing the right keychain ensures the best promotional results and this buying guide will help you choose the best keychain for your marketing mix.

Before you buy it, would be a good idea to consider a few important questions such as who is your target audience or what is your marketing budget? Keychains offer both the opportunity to be a high visibility promotional item and a functional item that recipients will use over and over again.

Why keychains

When you have thousands of promotional items to consider why should you choose keys? The answer is keychains are important things that everyone needs. When you give a custom keychain you can quickly associate the recipient with the gift and your message on it.

Everyone uses keys and keys several times a day, which means that your logo or message will be seen several times a day- and that’s exactly what you want! It’s amazing how these humble printed key chains can emphasize your brand and message!


Keychains have been around for a very long time in traditional cultures around the world. However, the keys to development are the recent developments of the 1950s and 1960s. Bringing together the best of both worlds of functionality and sustainability, keychains are here to stay.

Different types of key chains

Metal keychains: if you are looking for a stylish and highquality option in key chains for your important customers or employees, you can consider upgrading metal keychains. Laser engraving ensures that your brand message will remain as fresh as new even after long-term use.

Leather keychains: need a classic gift item that complements your corporate identity? Leather keychains will be a good choice. Designed to be attractive and durable, these key chains will grab many eyeballs and will reinforce your message for a long time.

Novelty keychains: add a fun element to your marketing efforts with our range of novelty key chains. Offered in countless quirky designs like animal and sports themes, the new custom keychains will catch the attention of everyone around by being unique and different from their regular keychain counterparts. It will make a great choice for marketers who wish to think outside the box to get their name out there.

Plastic keychains: if you are looking for budget friendly keychains for your promotion, look no further than the plastic keychains offered in bright colors. Use them for many events like tradeshows and mailer campaigns and where you want to reach a large audience without breaking your budget. Plastic keychains have a casual vibe and fun profiles and are ideal for promoting sporting events, concerts, fashion brands and more.

Flashlight keychains: check out these keychains that not only hold keys but have the added function of a flashlight. Custom flashlight key fobs will not only hold the keys or promote your message but will create a reliable light source for your recipients when they need to open the car doors in the dark. These custom gifts work with the same level of functionality and promotional power that make for a great marketing tool.

Tips for buying custom keychains

Promotional keys creates simple and straightforward handouts to grab your audience’s attention and keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ and clients’ minds. The best thing is that even if you have a modest budget, custom keys will make a wise choice because these inexpensive gifts enjoy incredible popularity. When you place multiple orders you can maximize savings by getting great discounts and deals.

Here are a few tips that can get all bases covered when you’re shopping for custom keys.

Get cheaper by ordering in bulk

Bulk orders always have the best deals. Sellers may consider buying traditional keys in bulk because they are light in weight and compact, which makes them easy to store and use as needed. When you place a large order, you can be sure to save significant costs over time. So, even if your current promotional plan is modest, make sure to place a larger order to get the best value for your money in the future.

Choose the right artwork

Get the right design to make it an attractive board for your business. If you don’t have suitable artwork, it’s time to start with a new and interesting design. Have you been using old artwork that doesn’t match your current brand identity? Consider giving your design a makeover.

You can meet with our graphic designers to give shape to your ideas and to come up with the perfect design that will turn heads. As they say, a great picture is worth a thousand words; if you have the perfect artwork that presents your business idea in one glance, you are one step closer to successful brand promotion.

Think return on investment

Keychains are one of those custom keychain that ensure value for your money. Keychains have one of the lowest prices on displays as these will make relevant brand displays without repeating the investment thus ensuring a high return on your investment.

Choose a special handling model such as a bottle opener key or a new key lock that enjoys a high level of energy conservation. Every time your customers use their keys to open the car, lock the door to the house or office, imagine the exposure your brand will get.

Keychain absolute!

Now that you’ve gotten the lowdown on the different types of keys available for customization, it’s time to pick the one that’s perfect for your special someone! That’s easy. Choosing a message that makes sense to you may take you some time.