Do Bearded Dragons Like Being Petted? Things You Should Consider Before Getting One

Reptile enthusiasts love to have Bearded Dragons as pets. But, do you know if bearded dragons like to be petted? The answer to that can be found in knowing that bearded dragons can tolerate being held a lot more than any other lizard living in captivity. However, how much contact they come into with humans determines whether they like to be petted. 

You might think that being petted would not be liked by a bearded dragon once you look at its true nature. Bearded dragons live alone in the wild as they are solitary animals. They spend their time mostly alone as they don’t require contact with other wildlife. This is the same for the bearded dragons living in captivity. A bearded dragon knows a life of solitude well. 

How To Know If a Beardie Is Willing To Be Petted

You have to respect the boundaries of the bearded dragon if you want to build trust with it. As a bearded dragon is not like a cat or a dog, they will not try to appease you by bending to your will. The animal might get stressed or bite you if you attempt to pet it when it is not in the mood to be touched. Ensure that it receives a proper diet by visiting links such as as proper nutrition is key to relaxing your beardie and helping it stay healthy. Here are a few signs that will let you know that the beardie is prepared for contact with you.

Signs You Can Look Out For

If the beardie has a relaxed demeanor, it is an obvious sign that it likes to be petted. If a beardie is relaxed, it will stay calm; it won’t try to run away or attempt to wiggle out when you begin to pet it. Instead, it will be accepting. Its mouth will be closed, and the eyes will be dilated. In some cases, the beardie might display eagerness before you even reach your hand for it. 

If you have bonded well with your reptile and it is comfortable with your touch, it will often meet you at the glass as you approach it. The beardie may initiate petting once you reach inside the habitat. If you see that the beardie is rubbing against your fingers, it often signals that it is expecting to be petted. If you see these signs, you should know that your bearded dragon is ok with being petted. You should know that they are ready and you can show them your affection.

How To Pet Your Bearded Dragon in the Correct Way

As bearded dragons are delicate creatures, improper handling can harm them, breaking the trust that your reptile has in you. You must wash your hands before you pet your bearded dragon. It is best to wash your hands before and after you touch the beardie, as you can transmit bacteria to the beardie quite easily, and it might fall ill. Likewise, the beardie carries harmful bacteria, such as salmonella, that can spread to humans.

First, your hands should be clean going in; second, be sure to find the right time, as it isn’t a good idea to disturb its sleep. This is due to the fact that proper rest is crucial to its health and issues can develop later on if you disrupt its sleep. This can also make it cranky. Finally, be methodical and slow while approaching the bearded dragon from the front and avoid making quick movements that can startle the beardie.

You must avoid approaching the bearded dragon from behind. Your beardie will invariably get stressed with such actions, no matter how well-socialized it is. As you approach the beardie, look for signs that it is ready for human touch by reading its body language. Back off and pet later if you see any negative signs. Don’t pet the beardie forcefully as it will ruin the trust you built with it.

If you see that the signs are clear, you can forward to pet the beardie using one or two fingers, as using your entire hand might be too much. You should apply very little pressure from its heat to the tail while running your two fingers. Don’t apply too much force, as it can cause discomfort. You will be able to build an excellent bond with your beardie by continually running your fingers from its head to its toe.

Which Areas Do Bearded Dragons Enjoy Being Pet

Petting head-to-toe is ideal. You need to remember that every animal is different and pay attention to how your bearded dragon is reacting. Listed below are some of the best spots to pet them.


The head is one of the bearded dragons’ favorite places to be petted. You must let your beardie know that you are approaching to pet them. This is why you should approach them from the front. You must not apply too much force, so be gentle. Avoid the mouth as it might end up in a bite if you try to pet the mouth. 


Your beardie will appreciate it if you pet it on the head. You can move down to the nose after you pet its head. You don’t want to ruin the moment by accidentally hitting the eyes or moving to the mouth, so be extra careful when petting your beardie on the nose.


You can lightly stroke your beardie on the tail as some of them like it; just be careful about how you are doing it. Don’t just grab the tail; rather pet all the way down to the tail by starting from the head. Keep an eye out how your beardie reacts to this while massaging your fingers lightly on the tail.


Your bearded dragon will enjoy being petted on the back if it enjoys petting on the tail and head. Don’t go in two directions when petting your beardie on the back as it can be uncomfortable for them. Instead, you can pet them in one direction. Don’t forget to be gentle and not apply a lot of pressure.

Concluding Thoughts

As you have made out from this article, bearded dragons like petting. But they have to be in the right mood and socialized well. So you must also focus on their behavior and body language. Pet them in the right places at the right time, and you will surely enjoy some fun sessions with your bearded dragon.