Effective Microlearning Strategies for Your Employee Training

Microlearning has been the new trend that’s been incorporated by many corporate companies to train their employees. Since the corporate industry is hiring more people from the younger generation, they are forced to adapt to new training methods and microlearning is one of them. 

Microlearning is nothing but tiny bites of learning materials to make the learning more engaging. These days, long-form content isn’t proving to have great results as the attention spans of the people have gone down drastically thanks to short-form content on Instagram reels and other platforms. The users also have lots of information on the internet. In this case, you have to give them a reason to choose your employee training course over the internet self-learning. 

Microlearning has some amazing employee benefits. It reduces cognitive overload, improves knowledge retention, improves motivation, and also saves time. However, you have to design the microlearning strategy effectively to make the best use of it. To help you with this we have listed a few tips down below, let’s have a look at them.


Learning should be fun and engaging, only then the learners can pay more concentration and even retain what they have learned. If you can deliver small chunks of information combined with gamification, you can make the learning process more engaging. Through gamification, employees feel motivated to learn and complete the course in due time.

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2)Use the right platform:

Before opting for microlearning, you should look at different platforms that are best suited for it. A robust learning management system like “Lessonly” or another microlearning platform would be ideal to host the content and track the completion etc. For more information, you can check Lessonly reviews to know how the tool helped the users in learning.

3)Use videos:

Videos are sure shot ways to engage your learners and provide them with an immersive learning experience. Videos convey the ideas better and take less effort and time for the user to understand. Microlearning can also be packaged with engaging videos too. With short videos, learners don’t even have to pause the videos, they can learn at one stretch. Use all the editing and animation techniques to make the videos more interesting and engaging.

4)Text-based graphics:

You cannot only produce video content all the time as it might not work for all the concepts. You should find ways to deliver the text content more exciting. Use bullet points and make the text animated for important points and headings. While having a glance at all the topics, learners can easily pick the ones that are absolutely necessary and important as they would be highlighted in animations and graphics. Also, when learners can go through all the important points at one go, they gain more confidence to complete the course more quickly.

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5)Make it mobile-friendly:

The microlearning content should have cross-device compatibility. It should support desktops, mobiles, and tablets. With access to various devices, it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Because the content is short, employees don’t like to put in all the effort of turning on their laptops and learning, instead would simply like to learn on their mobiles, which is more convenient.

6)Scenario-based learning:

To make the learning more fun and interactive, scenario-based learning can be a great option. By providing real-life situations will build a collaborative learning approach with your employees. It also builds the learner’s critical thinking and ability to solve problems when you give real-life scenarios to them. It’s easy to assimilate such concepts because they are highly reliable and interactive at the same time. 


Providing the content in short and bite-sized modules can help to retain knowledge and improve the engagement levels of the employees. However, you need to find the right strategies to deliver microlearning more effectively. We hope this article helps you in building effective microlearning strategies for your employee training.


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