Fade Haircuts for Men to Try

Selecting the next haircut can be overwhelming. There are many hairdos to choose from, and as a result, most gents stick to one style to avoid the hassle and anxiety of trying something new. However, trying a fade haircut is a perfect way to reduce the stress of choosing a new hairdo. Although it could be your first-time hearing about the fade hairdo, you probably have gotten it without knowing. This hairstyle was popular in the 1950s and has continued growing in the fashion world, with stylists coming up with different ways to style it.

A fade cut is characterized by gradually reducing hair length, which creates a fading effect that sometimes goes into the skin. You can choose a high, medium, or low fade depending on your preference. Note that low fades leave a lot of hair on top, while when doing the high fade, the stylist shaves the hair from near the crown towards the ears and neck. Here are some of the fade haircut styles to try this year.

  1. The Beard Fade

Men with a defined beard look good with the beard fade. You will notice that your jawline is more defined, and the style also creates a smooth transition from the hair on the head and your beard.

  1. The Classic Tight Fade

If you are looking for neat and tight fade hairstyles for men, the classic tight fade is the style to try. the stylist will buzz out your sides and leave the top hair looking fuller and well defined. The classic tight fade haircut is not very picky with hair types and colors.

  1. Low Taper Fade With A Buzz Cut

You can add some low taper fade if you already have the buzz cut. The fade makes your haircut pop and look more masculine. The hairstyle can be worn when attending official duties or going out with the boys.

  1. Scissor Fade

If your hair grows back fast, you should try the scissor fade. Scissors are easier to use, and you can also do it yourself. Besides, you can quickly get your desired hair length when shaving using scissors. The hair growth when you use scissors is also softer and keeps your fade haircut in shape for a long time.

  1. Straight Up High Fade

If you don’t fancy the low fade, you can try a high fade, but with a different style this time. The stylist will leave a lot of hair on top. The faded sides give your shave a better look and make you look more masculine.

  1. Burst Fade

A burst fade hairstyle features a taper around the hair. This hairstyle is commonly worn by black men who want to try a hairdo that resembles a mohawk.

  1. Boosie Fade

Another common hairdo for black gents is the Boosie fade cut. As the name suggests, this a real fade style to bring out the ‘boss’ you. The Boosie fade haircut is very short, making it less complicated to achieve and style. Besides, you also don’t require a lot of hair products to keep this hairstyle in position.

  1. High Top Fade

Some men like their top hair longer than the sides and the back. If this describes you, try the high-top fade. The stylist leaves a lot of length and volume on the top hair and fades the sides. They do the high fade that starts from the crown near the ears and your neck.

  1. Temp Fade Hairstyle

Try the temp fade if you fancy a sharp hairdo but want to keep your sides short. Gents like the hairdo because it is short and easy to maintain. However, the style looks good if you have naturally curly or wavy hair.

  1. High Skin Fade

Guys with medium to low facial hair look good in the high skin fade haircut. The stylist draws sharp star lines on all sides of the head, including the cheeks and sides, to define the hairstyle.

  1. Faded Sharp Edges

This hairstyle promotes a spiky look. The spikes are appealing and make the hair look less voluminous. It is also a modern hairstyle that is easy to achieve and maintain.

Source: Regular Haircut

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