Guide To Choose The Perfect Crib Mattress Size

What is a Crib Mattress?

While a crib mattress is a useful accessory for the nursery, it should also be safe. For safety reasons, it should be firm and have at least two fingers’ worth of space for the baby to move around. Most manufacturers are required by law to list the materials used in their products. Ask about the core material, so you can determine if it will provide the baby with the right level of comfort. A crib mattress should be firm, with a springy feel. A fabric crib mattress should be backed by a waterproof cover. Make sure that the mattress fits tightly against the frame. 

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Different types of  the Crib Mattress

  • Foam ones are usually the most affordable , but are also the least durable. While the fabric covers are easy to tear and lose their elasticity, vinyl can be more durable and are more likely to keep your baby’s body temperature stable. A good-quality foam crib mattress should snap back to its original shape and should not be easily ripped. 
  • Another type of the crib mattress is made from synthetic materials. These are less expensive and are made of polyurethane or polyethylene foam. These are virtually silent, so they might not be the most appealing option for parents who prefer organic materials. 
  • Other types are natural and are made from organic materials. Each type has pros and cons, and some have unique designs that are worth considering. However, the more expensive ones are also the highest quality and should be your first choice.

Size of Crib Mattresses

It is important to know the correct size of crib mattresses, but it is important to keep in mind that not all sizes are equal. As a general rule, the bigger the baby’s height, the smaller the mattress should be. You should also consider the weight of the child when choosing the correct size of crib mattress. When determining the correct size of crib mattresses, consider how thick you want them to be. You can also opt for a used crib mattress, but make sure to inspect the firmness of the mattress with two fingers.

What factors should you consider when selecting a Crib Mattress size? 

A foam mattress is typically 7 to 8 pounds, while an innerspring mattress weighs between 15 and 30 pounds. Moreover, you should select a mattress that is waterproof or made from eco-friendly cotton. You should also buy a removable cover to make washing easy. It is also important to pick a cover that fits tightly beneath the crib sheet. This helps prevent suffocation. Firmness is another significant factor to consider. A firmer mattress is safer for your child. Press the center of the mattress and the edges to test how firm it is. If the edges of the mattress are firm, it snaps back, which indicates its firmness. A firmer mattress also provides resistance for your baby to learn how to roll over, push up, and stand.

How to measure your Crib Mattress for the perfect fit?

To find the right mattress for your child’s crib, you should first figure out the size of the crib. This measurement is significant because babies wiggle and move about when they sleep, making it significant that your child’s mattress fits properly. Moreover, you need to know the correct weight of your baby to choose the right size of the mattress. The size of the mattress should be larger than two fingers. You can find crib mattresses with thicknesses ranging from four to six inches. When selecting a mattress, make sure to measure the inside dimensions of the crib. To find the right crib mattress, you should know the size of the existing mattress. A crib that is too small will not have enough space for a standard-size mattress. If you would like to know more about kids mattresses in Melbourne check out Eco Kids

Our top three picks for the best crib mattresses in each size category 

  • Safety: The firmness of a mattress is a critical factor for safety. A quality mattress will keep the baby’s body temperature stable, provide good support for their growing bodies, and be free from any defects.
  • Durability and longevity: The most important consideration is durability and lifespan. You don’t want your baby to be sleeping on a lumpy, sagging mattress, or a mattress that’s going to sag and collapse over time. That’s why the best mattresses in each size category should be durable. The best crib mattresses should be safe and comfortable for both your child and you.
  • Eco-Friendliness: The best mattress will last for several years and be safe for your child. Its waterproof, breathable cover will make it easy to clean. And if you don’t want to spend much money, opt for an organic one. You can easily wash it and reuse it for your next baby. These two features make a crib mattress a great investment, and should be on your shopping list.

The benefits of a good crib mattress

A good mattress is not only comfortable for your baby, but is also safe for your budget. Crib mattresses need to meet federal safety standards and are designed for use in a child’s crib. You can choose from a variety of materials for your child’s room. As a parent, selecting a mattress can be one of the most stressful purchases you make, so it is vital to make the right choice. A quality mattress is durable, and it is important to consider the type of material it’s made of. A high-quality crib mattress should be made of materials that are safe for babies.


Buying a mattress for a baby is a significant decision, but you should not make the wrong choice. The mattress should be firm enough for your baby’s growing body and not too soft. It should also be removable, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Ensure the mattress fits under the crib sheet snugly to avoid suffocation hazards.

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