How fast can you go on an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboarding is, of course, a lot of fun – easy to ride, fast, and accessible to most people. They are also a great option for those who need an easy and portable transportation mode for short trips. In any case, the speed issue is important. Electric skateboard speeds above 25 mph are common, so there are plenty of options for those who need speed.

However, simply choosing the fastest electric skateboard on the market may not be suitable for everyone. To be safe, it is important to know your skill level and limits.

There are many factors to consider when determining the speed of an electric skateboard, some of which can affect ride quality and may be desirable for inexperienced riders. It also describes some of the fastest boards on the market so you can see how to choose the fastest and best board.

What is the fastest type of skateboard?

If you’re reading this, you already know that electric skateboards outperform the flat speed competition. The average speed of an electric skateboard is 18-28 mph. There are boards that can achieve about 40mph, but these are for experienced riders and are not included in Roundup for safety reasons.  If you don’t hear this much, you’ll change your mind when you reach the top speed I promise.

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What makes an electric skateboard faster?

So, assuming you want to go for speed, whether for fun or for everyday life, you need to be aware of many different things that determine the overall speed of your electric skateboard. More technical factors such as board structure, electric motor power, batteries, materials used, wheel size, component quality, and low voltage are all affected. Next, you need to add the rider’s size and weight, terrain, and weather conditions to this. All of these can affect the top speed.

For example, most boards are flat and fastest, but boards designed for more rugged terrain will outperform them in the right conditions.  This gives you all the information you may need to make the best and fastest choice. For you.

Motor output and output/weight ratio

As with any vehicle, the power-to-weight ratio is an important factor in determining the speed of an electric skateboard. Affordable e-skateboards may not have as efficient motors as midrange boards with more powerful motors. This is complicated by the fact that in electric vehicles, not only does the size of the motor affect both power and weight, but the larger the motor, the larger the battery in general. Both are heavy. However, these things are generally balanced, and overall, electric skateboards with larger motors are always faster.

Rider weight and size

The electric skateboard itself is only part of the system. The other, much heavier part is you. With less strain on the motor and the ability to convert more energy into speed, there is no doubt that small and light riders will be flat and top speed. Heavy riders are faster on downhill slopes due to gravity.

 Tall and generally large have a large surface area, which slows them down in the air when traveling at high speeds. For these reasons, electric skateboards vary from rider to rider, making it difficult to give a 100% accurate top speed. So don’t be too surprised if you can’t or exceed the top speeds advertised on a particular electric skateboard.

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Battery and controller

Of course, the output of the battery determines the amount of input power to the motor. This will change the amount of power sent to the wheel. The top speed board has a perfect balance of battery and motor needs, making it easy to reach top speeds.

Battery charging and low voltage

The more motors you use, the faster it will be, but it will use more energy. When the battery begins to drain, the motor output will drop, which can cause a voltage drop during acceleration. You need to make sure the battery is fully charged before trying the maximum speed to avoid problems.

Wheel size and type

As with all wheeled vehicles, the maximum speed of an electric skateboard is affected by the size and type of wheels used. Without digging deeper into the physics here, a large wheel that rotates at the same speed as the small wheel in the center moves faster at its outer edge.

How can I make my electric skateboard faster?

Motors and batteries must be designed to operate at high speeds and provide the power needed to reach them. Careful selection of terrain, ensuring that the conditions are perfect, careful drag and dressing, and positioning yourself accordingly can also make a big difference.

You should be able to maximize your speed by following these tips. However, always remember to ride safely, as you are more likely to reach a new top speed if you can fit and ride.