How Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, And More Are Wearing Women’s Cargo Pants

You may recall cargo pants from the 2000s. But this hip staple has made a fashion comeback, and you want to take advantage of another trend. 

From posh luxury streetwear to high fashion casual, cargo pants for women are perfect for any occasion. But how exactly do you style cargo pants? Here is how celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski are wearing women’s cargo pants:

Crop tops and cargo pants

Any small top will fit perfectly with big, wide-legged cargo pants. For instance, Hailey Bieber loves to style her cargo pants with crop tops. She often mixes and matches her crop tops with funky patterns and bright colors that pop. 

For instance, a plain black, red or blue crop top would work well with these green cargo pants from Sanctuary. Toss in any colored sneakers of your choice, and your look will turn heads. Finally, consider wearing bright lipstick to take your cargo look to the next level. 

Bright cargo pants and a purse with a contrasting color

Want to put a funky twist to classic cargo pants? Rather than settle for your regular black or brown cargo pants, why not go for a wild color? Brightly colored cargo pants can elevate your look to the next level. 

Top off your colorful pants with your comfiest tan or white shirt. To make your look even more vivid, go for a purse with a different color to contrast your bright pants. 

If you are the artsy type, consider investing in two-toned cargo pants. Two-toned cargo pants are trendier than your classic green or black cargo pants. Pair your cargo pants with a graphic vest or top to create a quirky look.

Cargo pants and black tank, and a baseball cap

Opt for clean, casual cargo pants by pairing your cargo pants with a black tank. Wear a baseball hat and black sneakers to make this casual look more extraordinary. Whether you’re off to your local coffee shop, catching a movie with friends, or heading out to a simple date night with your spouse, you don’t have to dwell on this look, as it will be easy to pull off in minutes.

Go for a sleek blouse and straight-leg cargo pants

Who says that you cannot pull off cargo pants at work? Consider pairing your cargo pants with an elegant button-up shirt for a hip look. Cargo pants, specially fitted pants with straight legs, can work in a professional setting.

If you can find a cotton, silk, or chiffon blouse, you will have the perfect ensemble for any workplace. Make sure you tuck in your cargo pants and top off your look with a nice belt and a jacket or coat. A nice pair of flats or loafers would also complement this no-nonsense look.

Mash up feminine and masculine styles 

Cargo pants can sometimes be rugged to style, so it helps if you think outside the box. One of the easiest ways to create an unexpected outfit is by mixing feminine and masculine pieces. For instance, you will be shocked at what you come up with when you pair cargo pants with tops made with delicate lines or flowy materials.

For instance, you can pair men’s cargo pants with a feminine puff sleeve top. You can take this ensemble to the extreme by pairing it with combat boots. If you want to turn heads, why not layer a quality leather jacket with studs over your blouse?

What lessons can we take away from celebrities that are wearing cargo pants?

The fit and fabric of your pants are crucial

Look for cargo pants that have fitted or straight legs for a formal look. If you wear your cargo pants to a work function or at the office, you can also pair them with a fitted blazer.

Try not to overcomplicate the look

When wearing cargo pants, allow your pants to be the statement piece. In particular, try not to wear military jackets, patches, or badges. As a result, this will only make you look like you work in an army base. Instead, wear your cargo pants with a simple t-shirt or top.

Keep it casual

There are many different styles of cargo pants for women. That’s why cargo pants are an excellent choice for hanging out with friends, chilling at home, or running errands. The original design of cargo pants was utility wear, so utilize them!