How Long Can You File For A Motorcycle Accident Claim

Accidents involving motorcycles can happen anytime, even if you take many precautions, leaving you with expensive medical bills, motorcycle damage, and missed wages. However, you are not required to spend for the damages of someone else’s mistake. You have a fixed amount of time to file a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident. 

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident and thinking of filing a lawsuit for compensation, you have to know how long you can file for a motorcycle accident claim. Discuss your legal options with an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer.

How long can you file for a motorcycle accident claim?

Most states in the USA have limitations for motorcycle-involved accidents. The most common limitation is the person’s portion of time to file a lawsuit for the motorcycle accident claim. Even if you wait a day, you might not be able to file legal action for your motorcycle accident. 

According to law, you should bring legal actions for personal injury within two years from the accident date. 

What should you do to make your motorcycle accident claim more effective?

  • Seek medical attention

Get medical help right away if you suffer any kind of injury. It might also happen that you do not feel any pain right after your accident because of the high adrenaline rush, but you might feel it after a few hours. Therefore, getting medical treatment and checking yourself after an accident is necessary. Your insurance company might ask you for your medical bills to compensate the amount. 

  • Call your insurance company.

If you do not face any significant injuries, you should consider calling your insurance company right after the accident. Your insurance provider will tell you what necessary documentation and proofs are required for claiming your damages. 

Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer

The time limitations start from the day of the accident. It is clever to begin your case as soon as possible because two years can pass by very quickly. And also, motorcycle accidents are often severe and thus need a lot of time for recovery. To make your case easy and hassle-free, hire an attorney. Your attorney will help you choose the right decision and seek compensation for the damages. 

Exceptions to the time limit of filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit

There are rare exceptions that affect the limitations of filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit. One of the exceptions is that your accident claim can be tolled if the victim is under 18 or is legally incompetent from mental illness when the accident happened. 

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