How Long Does it Take to See Results from Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy provides substantial results but these results take time to show in different men for various reasons. While these improvements can be seen after a short span of treatment, it is more prevalent in people with critically low testosterone hormone levels. Several factors determine the timeframe the treatment will take to start improving the patients’ conditions.

It can be exhausting trying to find sufficient information on the time it takes for a patient to see the results of TRT. We’ve prepared this article to help you dig this information up if you are looking to try out this treatment. The method used to administer the medication can influence how long the patients have to wait to experience the results.

Method Used to Administer the Treatment

There are several ways that testosterone can be administered into the body of the patient. These methods help different people get treatment suited for their conditions and also their budget. Here is a look at how long it will take for results to start to show for each method of administration;

  • Injections – This is the fastest way to ingest testosterone into the bloodstream. That is why it is mainly used for people with abnormally low levels of T hormones. Patients will usually start to see results in the first three weeks of the treatment.
  • Oral administration – Although not as fast as injections, administering the hormone orally can be a great way to not only see improvements faster and safer. One can typically notice improvements in the first 4 to 6 weeks of the treatment.
  • Patches – The patient should continually place patches in their abdomen and the shoulders to ingest testosterone hormone to their body. It will usually take around a month for stable improvements to occur.
  • Creams – The patient will apply the prescribed cream to their abdomen and shoulder areas to stimulate the production of testosterone. Solid results will usually take 1-3 months of consistent use to see results.

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Signs and Symptoms

This article will focus more on the changes that take place to the signs and symptoms of low testosterone hormone after starting the treatment. We will look at how long it takes for the patient to start to observe improvements and how solid these improvements are.

Sexual Effects

Low testosterone impacts your sexual health which can manifest as low sexual desire or inability to maintain a full erection. The patients will normally have increased their libido in the first month under medication while also having steadier erections that can last longer. At 6 months, the patient will experience firm erections with increased stamina whenever performance is required. 

Weight Loss

Testosterone helps in your weight loss journey and when incorporated with physical exercise, the results can be seen faster. In under a month, some patients have shed more calories and lost a considerable amount of fat in the process. Consistent resistance training not only increases muscle mass but also increases the loss of fat for the patient.

Mental Effects

The patient will experience less anxiety and depression, and an overall feeling of well-being, and better memory. Patients have reported having a clearer mental state that slowly builds their cognitive ability and social interactions. In 4 – 6 months, the patient is more outgoing and social than they previously were. They are more expressive and are comfortable with who they are.

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Muscle Mass

Patients can experience this in the 1st month of the treatment. The patients will notice a significant amount of muscle mass gained from minimal to no exercise. Incorporating resistance training can be a great way to speed up the process. Patients will usually have increased lean mass that is not only easy to maintain but also affordable. At about 6 months, the patient is much leaner and has more substantial muscle gain.

Bone Strength

In most cases, patients will notice this benefit after some time under the medication. Patients can achieve this after 6 months to 1 year depending on how they consumed the testosterone. And the practices that complement it. The patient will have more ease handling harder tasks while maintaining both their stamina and athleticism.

Other factors influence how long the patients experience the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. We believe that not everyone is the same and that any information offered herein can vary depending on the method used, other methods incorporated with TRT, and the age of the patients.