How to promote Spotify artists complete guideline

We all know it is very easy to get any type of music because of the fast digitalization. In the same way, we can also distribute our songs to the world easily by using the same digital means. Spotify is one of the platforms that can let you to songs up in a few clicks. 

As a musician, you have a lot of options and the barriers are reduced but at the same time, these changes have made the market challenges more difficult to stand. Any streaming platform including Spotify needs the artist to have an impressive listeners number to build a fanbase and get a label or more.

Being a Spotify artist I know how hard it is to promote an artist’s page. You have to work a lot to ensure your presence on Spotify to build your page and fan following. In this article, we have described each and everything that you should use to promote any Spotify artist. 

Plays and listeners 

The plays and the listeners you have on your artist profile have a great impact on your profile growth. To be in the race you have to gain more plays and listeners. There are a lot of promoting services from which you can buy Spotify monthly listeners for your Spotify artist account

By buying the plays or listeners you can get credibility immediately without crawling on a long process. Follow the given steps to buy plays or listeners to get your artist page to a higher rank: Firstly you have to choose the best promotion service, Spotistar is one of the best service providers from where you can buy plays, listeners, and followers in reasonable packages. 

  1. Navigate to the Spotistar main interface. 
  2. You have to search for the artists, songs, and albums from the Spotify database.
  3. Choose the plays or the buyer’s number you want. 
  4. After selecting the song and the profile all the rest will be done by the Spotistar system. 

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Artist account 

After your music is up on Spotify you need to certify your Spotify for Artists account and get the verified blue tick with your Spotify profile name. On Spotify, there are no specific conditions as a verification option is available for all types of artists. 

Promote your tracks

You have to work intelligently to get a position in the market. You must know what are your listeners or simply who listens to your music. We all know the first step is to create the music but before initiating it is necessary to remember your audience and their needs and demand. 

Understanding of streaming challenges

Because of the streaming platforms, artists have a choice to get connected with a lot of audiences and to create new listeners. Spotify offers a lot of promotional tools to stand in the artist crowd and make your identity. 


Consistency is a skill of an artist that affects the process of success a lot. An artist should be consistent regardless of the failure or the slow success process. There are a lot of strategies you can use such as challenging yourself to complete a specific song demo every week for a year. These types of challenges help a lot to grow over a short period. 

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Ending Remarks

Being an artist on Spotify there are a lot of challenges and hindrances that used to be stand. You have to be patient and consistent while promoting your Spotify artist page and the remaining is discussed in the above article. 


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