How To Sell On Instagram 

Instagram has become the new marketplace with buyers and sellers across the world. With more than a billion active users, Instagram provides a rich opportunity for anybody to sell, be it a new, local, or established business.   

Not only are brands like Recess which offers sparkling water, or Teva, known for its sports sandals, making it big on Instagram, but a renowned brand like Nike commands a massive fan following on the platform.  

Why Do Businesses Prefer Instagram? 

Although many people have a fair idea of why Instagram can be a game changer in their businesses, some are reading this only to follow the herd without knowing what the platform offers. 

You do not have to worry. We have got your back! We will help you by simplifying the benefits of setting up a business on Instagram. 

  • Free To Set Up: It does not cost a penny to set up your shop and sell on Instagram. All you need is a user-friendly website, and you will be good to go. 
  • Wider Audience And Better Visibility: People don’t necessarily have to search your name on the search engines to visit your website. If your product pops up on their explore page, that is all you need to capture a prospective customer’s attention. 

The algorithm benefits you on a social media platform and helps you gather more visibility than possible on search engines. 

  • Engagement Drives Traffic: The more people engage with your posts, the higher the chances for their friends and followers to visit your page. 
  • Easier Catalogues: Product cataloging gets higher traction through Instagram pages. You do not necessarily have to upload all products but can definitely tease followers by adding the best ones. 
  • Easier And Cheaper Advertising: Partnering up with creators is more convenient than print ad costs. 

People also use Instagram Downloader to view the top trending reels or Instagram videos of the week. Most of these viral videos are created by a popular influencer who takes part in brand promotion. Instagram’s algorithm prefers content creators that are consistent.

What Should You Know Before Creating Instagram Business Account? 

While creating an account is not a complex task to master, you should remember a few things as a new seller on Instagram. 

  • You cannot create a business profile on Instagram without a professional website to be verified by the platform. 
  • If you don’t want your account blocked, sincerely follow Instagram’s policies regarding the selling rules of an Instagram business profile. 
  • Build your brand on credibility and trustworthiness: use accurate product descriptions, do not buy followers, and focus on organic growth. 
  • Some brands use Instagram only for product promotion which results in mediocre engagement. You should create posts around the latest trends and innovate using your niche products for virality. 

How To Sell On Instagram? 

While selling on Instagram isn’t rocket science, only a few brands witness exponential growth. Why? They fail to analyze their performance.

The following tips will help your brand become a top-notch brand on the platform: 

  • Create An Instagram Business Profile

It is the first step to creating a business account. 

Ensure that you have an effective UI/UX for a website that will link to your account.

Optimize your profile by using simple words that succinctly capture the essence of your brand.

A business profile enables you to access various options like analytics of profile performance, shoppable story links, which people can swipe up to shop for products, and much more. 

All you need to do is go to settings→switch to professional account→select account type and details per your business specifications.

  • Identify Target Audience And Niche

If you want organic traffic to your page, you cannot miss this and carefully analyze the following points: 

  • pain areas and problems of your audience 
  • how can you help 
  • the price segment that will benefit you the most 
  • Weaknesses of competitors in the same industry
  • how algorithms are ranking pages 
  • Strengths of your competitors, 

After scrutinizing these points, create an effective social media strategy that is comprehensive and follows the trends to attract audiences. 

  • Create Shoppable Stories And Posts

You should use product tags on your Instagram stories and posts for customers interested in exploring your offerings. Since Instagram has introduced various ways to promote yourself, leverage it to your benefit. Try to promote your products as posts but also as reels and stories. 

  • Use Hashtags

Analyze the top hashtags on Instagram per your product and niche and use those in your feed. And even better would be rich competitor research. Visit their profiles and check the Instagram hashtags they are using for selling. 

  • Create Regular Posts

People are attracted to brands that listen to what their audiences want. Simply uploading your products with hashtags won’t sustain you in the long run. If you want your Instagram shop to be a success, explore innovative ways to engage with your followers. Use polls, questions, and meme trends, amongst other features, to attract attention and even trend in the “Explore” section of Instagram.