How to Show Your Appreciation to Your Bridesmaids on Your Wedding Day

As much as your wedding day is about marrying your soulmate, there’s another big component. The role played by the extra special friends in your life is a huge part of it. Your bridesmaids helped you navigate the ups and downs of wedding planning, and will be standing there beside you on your big day. Beaming and dabbing discreetly at tears the moment you finally say your vows.

They’ve supported you through all sorts of times in your life, both good and bad. So of course, you want to recognize them for it – let them know how important their unwavering support is, and how much each of them means to you.

We get it. We know your ladies deserve the best. Here are some fun and thoughtful suggestions on how to return the favor, show your appreciation, and reflect some light back on them.

Pick the ideas you love and we guarantee your bridesmaids will love them too.

Thank them by choosing a stunning bridesmaid dress

 Back in the day, the excitement of being selected as a bridesmaid was quickly tarnished by one pretty major thing: bridesmaids dresses were fussy, frumpy, and uncomfortable – think stiff and scratchy fabric.

 Now? The options are endless, and gorgeous. You can choose every cut, every color, so they tie in perfectly with the exact hues of your big day.

 Check out Bella Bridesmaids, for example. Their collection is beyond. They have a huge range of styles, sizes, and feature pieces from some of the biggest designers in the business. You can find their stores all across the USA, which is perfect for those who prefer the in-person boutique experience.

As a nod of thanks to your bridesmaids, start by picking a dress they’ll be overjoyed to wear.

Thank them with a personalized gift

Thanks to Etsy, there’s no shortage of perfect personalized gifts. From jewelry and signature scents, to leatherbound journals with gold leaf inscription. Almost everything you can think of, the creatives on Etsy have made it.

 If you’re innovative, get a jewelry making kit of your own. Create unique individual pieces for each of your bridesmaids. Include a handwritten thank you note, sharing how much you value them, their friendship, and the joy they bring to your life. They’re bound to be moved by the gesture, and feel extra special for the remainder of the celebration.

 Or how about a gift basket? Add your favorite pamper related products, sweet smelling sugar scrubs, nourishing vanilla scented lotion, and a candle that fills the room with the scent of cedar.

The only criteria here is to put some thought into it. By doing that, you can’t go wrong.

Thank them with a surprise 

There’s nothing like a good surprise, is there? Concert tickets are a great one, so is a spa day. An overnight to a cozy Airbnb hidden away in pine trees, complete with a sprawling deck, firepit, and hot tub – nothing tops that. Especially when there’s enough refrigerator space to keep the Rose’ at the perfect chill.

You know your bridesmaids best: pick the surprise you think they’ll enjoy the most.

Then picture them on your wedding day. How their eyes are going to light up as they open the envelope and the ticket slips out – they let out a giddy squeal – rush over for a hug…

Thank them with a shout out

True, some people get uncomfortable with recognition – or pretend to be. However, taking some time to acknowledge your bridesmaids for the work they did and the support they gave you throughout the whole process of planning the wedding is a great way to show appreciation.

It can be brief, or it can be peppered with fun tidbits as you thank each individually.

There’s no right or wrong way, and a simple thank you goes a long way.

Thank them with the gift of a good night’s rest

Another way to acknowledge what they’ve done and say thank you is to take care of their accommodation on the wedding night. They’re bound to be tired after your big day, and will feel extra pampered, appreciated, and loved if you’ve secured their sleeping quarters. You can go the extra mile by adding flowers, a thank you card, and a few bottles of prosecco.


You’ve probably been on the receiving end of a thank you, and know it’s more about the sentiment than the gift itself. No matter which method (or methods) you use to convey your gratitude, your bridesmaids are sure to feel appreciated and recognized, happy to be a part of this momentous occasion.