IFS Full Form & Meaning

We are here to learn the IFS full form as well as its meanings in different modes. Learning the full form of the IFS is becoming somewhat mandatory because it is a commonly used term in multiple sectors. Below we will see it in detail and I will give you the full form and the meaning of the IFS in each sector separately. Therefore, you will not get any confusion. So, let us begin to learn the meaning of the IFS and study the IFS full form in depth.

IFS Full Form

The full form of the IFS is the Indian Foreign Service

I – Indian

F – Foreign

S – ServiceIFS Full Form

The IFS means the Indian Foreign Service, which is the civil service under Group A and Group B of the Central Civil Service of the Indian government’s executive branch. This service is responsible to conduct diplomacy and manage foreign relations in India.

IFS Full Form In UPSC

The full form of the IFS in the UPSC is the Indian Foreign Service

I – Indian

F – Foreign

S – ServiceIFS Full Form In UPSC

In the UPSC, the IFS is a civil service in which the required candidates are appointed according to the UPSC exam score. The UPSC refers to the Union Public Sector Commission and it is one of the toughest and vast exams of the Indian government.

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IFS Full Form In BAF

The full form of the IFS in the BAF the Innovative Financial Services

I – Innovative

F – Financial

S – ServicesIFS Full Form In BAF

In the BAF, the IFS is a subject of the first year which contents a chapter namely the Innovative Financial Services and the BAF’s full form is the Bachelor of accounting and Finance.

IFS Full Form In Agriculture

The full form of the IFS in agriculture is the Indian Forest Service examination or development of Integrated Farming System models

I – Indian

F – Forest

S – ServiceIFS Full Form In Agriculture

In agriculture, the IFS means the Indian Forest Service examination, which has two rounds Preliminary and mains.

The syllabus of the IFS is

  • Preliminary Exam
  1. General Studies Paper-I
  2. General Studies Paper-II
  • Main Exam
  1. General English
  2. General Knowledge
  3. Agriculture Paper-I, II, and III.
  4. Agriculture Engg Paper-II and Paper-II
  5. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Paper-I and II
  6. Botany Paper-I and II
  7. Chemistry Paper-I and II
  8. Chemical Engg Paper-I and II
  9. Civil Engg Paper-I and II
  10. Forest Paper-I and II
  11. Geology Paper-I and II
  12. Mechanical Engg Paper-I and II
  13. Physics Paper-I and II
  14. Zoology Paper-I and II
  15. Mathematics Paper-I and II
  16. Statistics Paper-I and II

IFS Full Form In Tax

The full form of the IFS in tax is the Institute for Fiscal Studies

I – Institute

F – Fiscal

S – StudiesIFS Full Form In Tax

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IFS Full Form In Salary

The full form of the IFS in salary is the Indian Foreign Service

I – Indian

F – Foreign

S – serviceIFS Full Form In Salary

The salary of the IFS officer is near about 60,000 INR per month and other than this they get some attractive incentives and allowance.

IFS Full Form In Forest

The full form of the IFS in the forest department is the Indian Forest Service

I – Indian

F – Forest

S – ServiceIFS Full Form In Forest

In the forest department, the IFS means the Indian Forest Service, and it is one of the three All India Service of the Indian Government.

IFS Stands For

The IFS stands for the Indian Foreign Service

I – Indian

F – Foreign

S – service


What Is The Salary Of An IFS Officer?

The salary of the IFS officer is about 60,000 INR per month + Incentives + Benefits.

Which Is Better IAS Or IFS?

The IAS refers to the Indian Administrative Service and it is a more powerful post than the IFS which refers to the Indian Foreign Service.

How Can I Become IFS Officer?

To become an IFS officer follow the following sequence

  1. Firstly, complete 12th class
  2. Then complete graduation and choose graduation subjects that you like and you are confident about them.
  3. And finally, need to pass the UPSC exam.

What Is The Job Of The IFS Officer?

The Job of the IFS officer is,

  • Representing Indian in embassies
  • High Commission
  • Protect India’s national interests in the country where they are posted.

What Does IFS Mean In School?

Integration funding support (IFS) is additional funding for extra support, such as for an additional teacher or school learning support officer in a mainstream classroom, in a Department preschool or Kindergarten to Year 12 in a public school.

Can Two IFS Officers Marry?

In case two IFS officers are married to each other, they would be able to live together in the Foreign Service Institute (now SSIFS), where they would be provided with a family accommodation. The Ministry would allot them the same CFL unless they want separate CFLs.

What Is The IFS Controversy?

Internal family systems controversy

It was alleged that therapists at the clinic pushed people to recover repressed memories — a controversial practice — of childhood abuse. The clinic’s clients later grew to believe the memories therapists pushed them to “recover” during treatment were false.

Is IFS Therapy Effective?

One 2021 study shows that IFS therapy can be effective in helping people with PTSD, particularly childhood trauma. Another small study from 2017 illustrated the benefits of IFS therapy for female college students struggling with depression.

Who Is The Most Powerful IAS Or IFS?

IFS officers are powerful in their own way but don’t have the board administrative powers that an Indian Administrative Officer has inside the country. IAS officers have a bigger impact on policy formation at the state and federal levels than other officers.

What Is The Full Form Of IFS In Retail?

The International Featured Standard (IFS) Food 6.1 is a leading GFSI-recognised standard which certifies the safety and quality of processed food products and production processes.


Above we have studied the IFS tern with their all aspects in terms of its meanings and the full forms. If you are preparing for the IFS post, then must go through this article at least once. This will give you a basic idea about the responsibilities, salary, and how to become an IFS officer? You also get an idea about the required exam for the IFS post. After taking look at this article you will never be confused in the IFS full form in the future.

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