Lovely Short Hairstyles for Effortless Stylish Looks

If you have a busy lifestyle or you don’t want to incur a lot of maintenance expenditures, then short hairstyles should be your go-for option. The biggest advantage with short hairstyles is that it is not a lifetime commitment as your hair grows back and you can get back to rocking other hairstyles. Another advantage of short hairstyles is that there are also very many options to choose from, unlike medium and long hairstyles.

Having a short hairstyle does not mean that you cut your hair to a faded level. Losing a little length of your hair can also give you a short haircut. The following are some of the short hairstyles options you can consider this year. Take a look.

  1. Short Bob

The hair is cut to a short length of your preference. You can choose to curl it using gel and hairspray or leave it with its natural look. This is one of the short haircuts that is easy to maintain.

  1. Close Cropped Curls

Loose some hair length just to get medium-sized bangs. Using a curling iron to give the curtain bangs some waves. Leave them shaggy to get the best vibe.

  1. Short Pixie

If you have a diamond-shaped face with enlarged cheekbones, then this is the hairstyle to rock. The short hair is gelled such that it lies on the scalp completely and then styled in the way that you desire.

  1. Blunt Cut

This is a simple but sleek hairstyle that you can wear. It best goes well when you have naturally straight hair. The hair edges are made spiky and the hair is combed in the right direction. This means that the hair at the front is combed frontwards, the hair on the sides combed to the side and the one at the back is combed backward.

  1. Layered Pixie

Just like the name suggests, the hair is combed into layers and laid over each other. The more the volume of your hair the better the results. The pixie haircut is an ultimate short hairstyles example.

  1. Curly Bob

If your hair is naturally curled or wavy, then this is your style. Trim the edges of our hair and leave the edges spiky. Spray the hair and use your hand to roll and style it the way that you desire.

  1. Side Swept Short Hairstyles

Cut your hair to reach just above your shoulders. Using `your fingers or a wide-toothed comb, style your hair towards one side of the head. However, holding into position the style of hair could be a little difficult and can require a lot of hair products.

  1. Golden Waves

Reduce the length of your hair to the length that you desire. If your hair is not naturally curled, then make waves using a curly iron. Add a golden color to your bangs for a classy look.

  1. Luscious Lob

This short hairstyle is for people with diamond-shaped faces. This is because the soft layers of the hair at the top of the head complement the facial bone structure.

  1. Slicked Back Short Hairstyles

Your hair does not have to stay shaggy because it is short. The hair is combed backward and gel applied to it such that it perfectly lies on the scalp. This is a perfect short hairstyle for a formal look.

  1. Blunt Platinum Bob

This is a hairstyle that suits you if you love to alternate the colors of your hair. The edges of the hair are neither shaggy nor spiky. They are trimmed such that they appear blunt.

  1. Grown Out Lob

The hair is left to grow a bit longer such that it can create a tiny ponytail. This is still a short hairstyle for those that do not like their hair being the pixie length.

  1. Chin Graze

Just like the name suggests, the hair is long enough just to reach the chin area. Choose a vibrant color tone that will give you a classy look. Make neat curtain bangs and spray the hair to get the perfect results that you desire.

Source: 50 Short Haircuts and Hairstyles to Inspire Your New Look

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