OVA Full Form & Meaning 

You may hear the OVA term but may not aware of the OVA full form? If so, then here I will hand over it to you in very easy and lucid language. Various fields and sectors are incomplete due to the OVA term and such fields are Medical, biology, anime, and so many. Below we are going to it one by one separately to avoid confusion and make it easy and as simple as.  Are you ready? If yes then let us start to learn and understand what is the OVA full form?

OVA Full Form 

The full form of the OVA is the Original Video Animation

O – Original

V – Video

A – Animation

The OVA is an acronym of the Original Video Animation, which is the animated film and series of Japan. That made especially for release in home video format without prior showing on TV or in theaters. There are a total of five OVA haikyuu and out of them, only one is adapted from the manga.

OVA Full Form In Anime

The full form of the OVA in the anime is the Original Video Animation

O – Original

V – Video

A – Animation

In anime, the OVA refers to the Original Video Animation, which is the Japanese series and animated film. The many popular and best series and movies first appear as animated as an OVA and then grow to become TV series or movies. For example, Tenchi Muyo!

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OVA Full Form In Medical

The full form of the OVA in medical is the Occurrence Variance and Accident

O – Occurrence

V – Variance

A – Accident

The OVA is defined as a mature female reproductive cell, especially of humans or other animals, which can divide to give rise to an embryo only after fertilization by a male cell.

OVA Full Form In VMware

The full form of the OVA in the VMware is the Open Virtualization Appliance

O – Open

V – Virtualization

A – Appliance

In VMware, the OVA means the Open Virtualization Appliance and it is an OVF package in a single file archive with the OVA extension.

OVA Naruto

The list of the OVA naruto

  • Sunny Side Battle!
  • The Day Naruto Became Hokage
  • Ninja Escapades
  • Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den!

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OVA Stands For

The OVA stands for the Original Video Animation

O – Original

V – Video

A – Animation

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Is OVA Important In Anime?

Yes, the OVA is important in anime.

What Are OVA And ONA In Anime?

The OVA refers to the Original Video Animation while the ONA stands for the Original Net Animation

O – Original

V – Video

A – Animation

The ONA is an anime that is directly released on the Internet and the OVA is an animated film or series released in home-video formats.

O – Original

N – Net

A – Animation

Are OVAs Worth Watching?

Yes worth it, because the OVA usually adds something.

What Is A OAD In Anime?

The OAD anime stands for the Obscure Auditory Dysfunction, which is an anime disc bundled in a limited-edition manga volume. The AOD never aired on TV, or anywhere else.


In this article, I have given you the OVA term in detail with their full forms and meanings in different respects. Originally, the OVA is nothing but the Japanese animated film or series that first release in home-video format and after that in the theaters, and it stands for the Original Animation Video. The one popular OVA animated film is, Tenchi Muyo! After taking a look at this article will clear your all doubts regarding the OVA term. And from now you won’t need to learn the OVA full form again and again in the future.


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