Pro Tips to Style Your Office Wear Kurtis

When it comes to professional look and comfort for office wear, traditional Kurtis make a great choice. However, you simply can’t wear anything for your workplace. Even if you opt for Kurtis, you have to be conscious of what you are wearing. For example, you should pick light-printed or designed Kurtis instead of heavily printed ones for your office wear. Also, you have to choose subtle colors. An off white Kurta will make a better option to wear for your office.

Here we have come up with some pro tips to style your office wear Kurtis.

Pick Simple & Formal Kurtis

Ethnic Kurtis are great options when it comes to office wear. However, office wear should be formal and simple. So, you need to restrict your choices to formal wear. Neither you can wear ultra-modern dresses nor a festive Kurti to your workplace. It has to be elegant and sophisticated. You have to be very careful while picking Kurtis to add to your office wear collection. Pick formal-looking Kurtis like simple A-Line Kurti. Kurtis with straight-cut designs will also make good office wear. If you have short height, then you can rely on short Kurtis paired with fitted pants. 

Avoid Heavy Printed Kurtis

Your workplace is not the right place to showcase your high-end fashion with heavily embroidered Kurtis. Stay away from dresses that are too flashy or too much of glitz. Although printed Kurtis make ideal office wear, avoid Kurtis with bold and big prints. Pick an outfit with small motifs that look formal yet stylish. You will find a plethora of Kurtis, which speak for class and elegance. A yoke design kurta for women will be apt for office wear. Kurtis with collars or boat neck patterns will also make good choices. These designs will give you an amazing formal look without any conscious effort on your part.

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Choose Formal Colours

Not only with designs or prints, but you also have to be careful with colours when it comes to office wear. Select and wear the right hues for your office. You can’t afford to go wrong while choosing your Kurti colours as they represent your personality. It is better to be on the safe side with safe and basic colours like grey, white, black, dark blue, Navy blue, khaki, or Beige. An off white Kurta will be a perfect pick to include in your office wear closet. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t choose bright colours. You may go for bright colours, but then you have to be smart while styling your look. If you go for bright colours, ensure not to over-accessorize the outfit and also try to balance it by adding some earthy colours like brown, khaki, or grey.

Be Conscious of Quality

As you go to the office daily, you might want to pick something cheaper office wear which may compromise the quality. You can’t settle for low-quality dresses just to save a few bucks. Quality is a very significant factor that you can’t ignore if you want to make a daily impression in front of your colleagues at the workplace. Check the quality and durability of the fabric used for making the Kurti. The best quality Kurti doesn’t wear out easily. A quality-driven Kurti comes with durability, which means it tends to stay for a longer period with you. Thus, it is a more economical option if you consider the long-term value. 

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Pair with Right Bottomwear

Choose the right pants for your office wear. Of course, working women love donning a pair of jeans for comfort. But you simply can’t pair your jeans with everything that you wear. We agree that jeans won’t make a bad choice, but legging is a better alternative to pair up with your ethnic Kurti. A long casual A-Line Kurti with straight legging pants is a perfect match. Not only leggings are stylish to wear with your ethnic Kurtis, but they also offer utmost comfort. Buy pencil trousers or straight pants in basic colours like grey, white, and black as they go with all colour schemes.


So, these are some ways to style your office wear Kurti. Indian Kurtis come in a variety of designs and styles. So, you have a range of options to choose from. If you are looking for trendy options, then go for a hand-block printed Kurti or a yoke design kurta. No matter which Kurti style you pick, make sure it is comfortable to wear and allows you to breathe.