Small Mangalsutra Designs For Working Women

Mangalsutra is made up of the Hindi terms “mangal” and “sutra,” which translate to “an auspicious thread.” For Hindu brides, it is a crucial adornment that denotes their marital status. During the wedding day rituals, the husband fastens this lucky thread around the bride’s neck. The pair is joined with an auspicious marriage connection by tying this thread. 

This holy thread is intended to be worn by the wife to represent the marriage. But aside from their historical meaning, mangalsutras are also statement jewels worn by modern brides to create a bold fashion statement. As with the working age, the comfort of wearing and matching the mangalsutra with every dress is a crucial aspect of dressing for modern women. This is why we bring you a wide range of small mangalsutra designs.

These small mangalsutra designs carry the traditional touch with modernity. They include two strings of black beads tied together by a pendant. There are so many options, ranging from the degree of customisation to fashionable diamond-studded designs or the conventional gold mangalsutra styles. 

Accord Small Mangalsutra Design In 14 Karat Yellow Gold

A small, textured gold bar with an infinity knot on one end and black beads on the other, with a diamond-studded flower dangling from it. A simple yet lovely everyday small mangalsutra design; both formal and casual clothing complement it beautifully.

Small Mangalsutra Design Made Of 14 Karat Yellow Gold for Eternity

A mangalsutra with three hearts in the middle, diamond haloes around them, and a heart anchor hanging from it is the perfect symbol of a bond that can’t be broken. When talking about the latest small mangalsutra designs, gold and diamonds are popular choices. Modern brides want their mangalsutras to have unique designs that are both fashionable and traditional.

Yellow 14 Karat Gold Tear of Joy Mangalsutra Design

A diamond set in yellow gold that has been shaped into a teardrop shape with texture is surrounded by long strings of black beads on either side, one of which has an infinity knot. Teardrop shapes aren’t often seen in mangalsutra, so this cute and modern design is sure to make you fall in love. But this specific style is certain to create some significant trends.

Forever Small Mangalsutra Design In 14kt Yellow Gold

Mangalsutra designs have been influenced by minimalism, just like everything else in weddings. Here is a lovely mangalsutra design that is both simple and elegant. Yellow gold work is cobbled into a perfect infinity knot, and synthetic black beads are placed on either side of the knot on a long, sleek cable chain.

Evil Eye Mangalsutra Design In 14 Karat Yellow Gold

An exquisitely made evil eye (Nazar), with black beads set on either side of a thin chain and a diamond-studded infinity knot on one, is hung from the chain. For work, pair this mangalsutra with a cotton or cotton-combo sari.

Make the Right Choice!

If these lovely small mangalsutra designs catch your eye, you’ll be blown away by their huge collection of designs. Mia by Tanishq is one of the most well-known jewellery makers, known for their unique designs and high-quality gold and diamonds used. We are sure that some of their amazing designs have impacted your perspective on the numerous kinds of mangalsutras you can wear to work.

The old mangalsutra, which was overly large, is no longer necessary. Also, fitting them with modern-day clothing is a task in itself. But with the modern small mangalsutra designs, you can simply put them on display with grace.