Social Media Hacks from The experts

What is Social Media?

Any digital tool with interactive technologies that allow users to create, share and exchange content with the public via a virtual platform is termed as social media. It has become such a powerful tool, that it is changing the world, and we’re all witnessing it. It has caused a fundamental shift in the way we communicate with the world today.

Power back to people

It gives a voice and platform to anyone who is willing to share their thoughts, views or just want to engage. Of course, it has both positive and negative impacts, like, the way we communicate and the way we are perceived.

It also matters the strength of the content we share, as every time we post something we are contributing our thoughts, perspective, ideas, information, etc to society, it could be appreciated or it could also spread negative thoughts. It’s upon us how we use it, to impress people, to impact people, or to spread negativity?

It definitely has many pros and cons, on one hand, it has brought a revolution in advertising by reaching farther to a huge scale of audience than we can physically reach there. But on the other hand, sometimes it also becomes a reason for anxiety, depression, or comparison, but again, it’s what people do with it… makes it positive or negative.

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Let it improve your life and not become your life

As mentioned previously, social media may force necessary changes but it’s upon us how we use it and how we let it affect us. Definitely, we shouldn’t use it as the exploitation of technology but as a service to the community.

Today, when social media has become an investment of valuable time and resources and not just an activity, so why not use it wisely? After all, it’s a great place to connect with people and nowadays the world about connections, so don’t limit your reach, and let’s discuss some hacks to WOW your online presence.

Top Social media hacks from the experts

Use emojis

According to a study, it has found that usage of emojis increases conversation. For example, there were 25% more engagement to those tweets which have included emojis in it. It helps to connect better with your audiences as it offers you an opportunity to express yourself over text. It helps to build a positive conversation and reduces the gap by allowing people to have an alternative to face-to-face conversation. You just need to make sure to use an emoji that fits your conversation.

Use trending topics

One should definitely share messages with trending hashtags to reach out to many people and attract more and more customers. Using the hashtag correctly can increase the visibility of one’s Tweets. Current popular topics add user engagement, so it can be your secret to success by increasing your visibility.

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Share your content on multiple platforms

Always share your content everywhere to reach out to more and more viewers. It will help to increase your visibility by allowing more people to see and consume your content. This strategy only requires a few minutes but it will take your content to a new level. Some of the places one should share their content to gain more visibility: Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn publishing, Twitter, Facebook groups, Slideshare, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Tag more users

It’s a classic strategy to tag other users to increase engagement. When you tag a user, they receive notification and are instantly directed to the post, and sharing, liking, commenting, and subscribing will benefit your overall digital presence. It will boost exposure and you might also get new followers.

Build good relationships with influencers

Social media channels can be a great way to build relationships with influencers. Influencer marketing is growing day by day and according to a study,  companies that use influencer marketing get maximum return on investment.

It has become very important to build a strong relationship with influencers within and beyond the context of the campaign. Identify the influencers in your niche, follow them on every social media platform, get involved in their blogs, and value them.

Don’t ignore the importance of a Logo

We all know how important social media is for small businesses, not just for small businesses but social media marketing channels also help big brands in advertising in the online world. And, logo plays an extremely important role when it comes to the overall success of your social media marketing. Your logo design identifies you to other people and helps them to recognize what you are selling and this causes people to become your loyal customers.

Your logo design should be simple, easy to remember, and eye-catching to make a lasting impression. There are numerous logo maker apps available to design your logo, such as Logo maker plus, Canva, logo maker by Tailor brands, Designhill studio, DesignApp, etc.

Logo maker by Designhill is fast and very easy to use and is pre-loaded with a range of icons, images, graphics, shapes, and fonts for an attractive creation.

Social media graphics

Social media graphics are a vital part of any content strategy when it comes to social media marketing. It is that visual component of any social post, in the form of images, gifs, and videos which is important to grab people’s attention. Even if your text is really great, no one will notice it if it’s not accompanied by eye-catching visuals. There are tons of free graphic makers available to create your own social media posts and spread your words in an exciting way so you can ramp up your social media presence.

Some of the best online tools to create your own social graphics are Canva, Venngage, Adobe Spark, and Visme.

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Track your social media traffic

This is one of the most important to measure your performance in social media marketing initiatives. By tracking your performance you can find out which platform brings in the most visitors and after that, you can focus on promoting your content or products on these channels. It will help to improve your performance on social media and that in turn will have a positive impact on your business.

One of the most favorite tools to measure social media traffic is Google Analytics.


Always remember good content is one key to building relationships in social media, so always try to provide better content to your people and win the right to promote your products.

Try these simple hacks to save your time and put the effort in the right direction to boost your visibility on social media.