The easiest way to format and download Instagram videos

Sharing videos on Instagram is becoming more and more popular. However, many people still do not know how to format and download Instagram videos like a pro.

Videos on Instagram

People often know that Youtube is the most massive video store. It is considered the king in digital video platforms. However, now Instagram is also widely used to share interesting clips.

Millions of videos uploaded every day are simple moments users want to keep. Along with that, you can also share content to promote your images and products.

In fact, there are many businesses that consider this a superior marketing strategy. Through the survey numbers, we can see that the time using social networks is increasing day by day. Therefore, reaching customers from applications is essential.

Downloading Instagram videos also helps many people become famous and they get extra income from here. Brands now also use influencers to promote their products. To attract attention, clear formatting is the way to make you more professional.

Instagram video features

Instagram has been built and developed for many years and is known as the world’s photo application. Currently, when developing videos, Instagram gives users a series of useful features.

To download Instagram videos fast and perfectly you should know some of the following features:

  • In addition to uploading videos available from the device, you can record them directly from the app. This feature makes it convenient for you to build content quickly. At the same time, it is easy to combine using effects from Instagram.
  • Videos shared on IG currently allow a maximum length of 60 seconds. With longer content, you can cut it on the same platform. With the scissors icon, this operation is extremely simple and easy to do.
  • You should know that for any clip you upload you can also choose a cover photo. Along with that is the option to turn on or off the sound before publishing.

These simple features, if applied well, will make your product look neat and professional. This is a huge impression that attracts customers and sponsors.

Professional video format

As the application is popular all over the world, so every day a lot of videos are published. So how to make your clip stand out and be liked by many people? Let’s start with the video format.

  • Download Instagram Video

Videos you post directly on IG (Reels) will have a maximum length of 180 seconds. This is the time when you can communicate all the content to your followers.

Video Instagram

For product promotion videos, you should prioritize building 30 seconds in length. This time period is found to be suitable for the client to follow the content in its entirety. Because then the majority tend to ignore because the attention is reduced.

However, with content built with specific and relevant topics, time is not an issue. You can freely download IG videos with specific campaigns. You should also note that the video must be between 15MB – 20MB.

  • Video story

Story is known as the place where you save your favorite everyday moments. Users tend to scroll through very quickly. That’s why you should format your video in about 10 seconds. If you want quality clips, the recommended size is 750×1334 is the most suitable.

  • IGTV

This is a dedicated place for Instagram users who love to follow videos. With IGTV you can upload a 60 second to 60-minute recording for a verified account. Starting is the step to view the video format according to specific items.

The first is the vertical format. You can do it directly on your device to change the clip vertically or horizontally. In addition, recording the screen with a specific size is also easy to do from the tool.

Next comes the MP4 file type and the 9:16 aspect ratio. Besides, the maximum size for a 10-minute video is 650MB and a 60-minute video is 3.6GB.

The fastest way to download Instagram videos

Downloading IG videos is a method used by many people with different needs and purposes. Some people choose to download videos to keep their favorite content. From there they can easily review when needed.

Besides, businesses choose to download it to share it on other social networking sites. This is a way to help them save time and quickly achieve their goals. SnapInsta is the tool to help you do it quickly and safely.

IG downloader – SnapInsta

  • Step 1: Copy the Instagram video link.
  • Step 2: Visit an IG downloader page like SnapInsta, SnapSave,… and paste the link in the text box.
  • Step 3: Select download to download HD video.


Formatting and downloading Instagram videos has become simpler thanks to the above sharing. Hopefully, you can apply it to your own products. Surely your video will become more attractive and prominent. Good luck.