The Hidden Secrets Behind Increasing Your Facebook Video Views

Gen Z social media platforms such as Discord, Bereal, and Twitch are emerging, but Facebook still holds its popularity as one of the most well-known platforms for the generation. Facebook offers many features, including joining communities, participating in forum groups, and following different pages on various topics. It also provides marketing opportunities. Moreover, users ranging from teenagers to adults all enjoy scrolling through the video content that Facebook provides. Just like YouTube shorts and Instagram reels, users can scroll through their favorite curated video content on their feeds. 

Facebook is the place to offer various types of video content, whether it’s as short as a twenty-second video or as long as a one-minute video, increasing engagement. In this modern era with growing influencers day by day, one needs to boost the views of their uploaded videos. It will help them collaborate with many sponsors, shake hands for advertisements, and endorse brands. A larger number of views will result in a larger audience engagement, making all this possible.

But can you always get more than one thousand views for every video, and is it possible to do that? We have heard about celebrities or budding influencers who “buy followers” to increase their popularity on social media. Yes, they certainly can; one of the not-so-fair ways of increasing views on their video. Many of them might not know the short, simple, and secret ways to grab the attention of new followers and keep the interest of the following ones. These tips may look familiar but are not the ones everyone follows. 

With further ado, let’s move to the tips and tricks to increase Facebook video views.

1. Make a creative thumbnail

To grab the attention of every visitor for a video, you should always use an eye-catching thumbnail. A custom-made thumbnail is preferable to an auto-generated one because it ensures high quality and clarity, attracting more focus. Avoid including all the squiggles, words, and drawings to avoid messiness, and aim for a neat appearance that effectively represents the video’s content. Match the text and theme to provide a more precise look for the thumbnail, inviting viewers to engage with the video content popping on their feed.

You can incorporate “how-to” statements into the thumbnail, persuading the viewer easily to believe that the video will benefit their life. In addition to captivating visual imagery, the title should evoke a sense of mystery while hinting at the valuable information the video offers viewers.

2. Keeping it short

In this fast-paced era where everyone has limited patience, people give little importance or time to longer videos. Longer videos can also overwhelm viewers and negatively impact views. Although Facebook allows uploading videos with a maximum duration of 240 minutes, that does not mean it is the need of the hour.

People are getting used to short-duration video content with the rising trends of reels and YouTube shorts. Short videos are more favorable on the marketing front as they create interest in the viewer, usually lasting a few seconds or a minute. The emphasis should be on presenting clear-cut messages and attracting the audience within the first three seconds of the video to increase the power of the content. Longer videos result in less interest from the audience.

3. Vertical orientation 

Almost everyone in this place owns a mobile and uses it to watch everything. They log into Facebook on their mobiles, which becomes the platform for viewing content. We know we can share videos in different orientations, such as square, landscape, and vertical. However, most people are too lazy to rotate their phones just to watch a 20-second video. This laziness can quickly decrease the engagement of the video when it is in landscape orientation. Therefore, social media platforms have gained momentum regarding vertical video content. Most people prefer viewing content vertically to conveniently hold the phone with one hand rather than using both hands.

4.  Focusing on the copy

To accompany Facebook videos, one must create a great video sales copy. The description that viewers read before watching the video content is the copy, which serves as the inviting element for the video. Ensuring the copy has visual and convincing power is important to attract the viewer. Like the video duration, the copy should also be concise to create a desire for the reader to learn more about the content. To achieve this, provide just the right amount of information in highlights without going into too much detail.

5. Using of captions

One of the simplest ways to increase views and ensure that everyone sees the content is to include captions in every video. As Facebook is an international platform with many different aspects trending across the globe, captions play an essential role for people who may not be native speakers of the language. Captions help them understand and are relevant to the platform’s millions of people. Including captions will create access for everyone to the video and boost interactions as they will share it.

6. Uploading directly to Facebook

There might be cases where the audience will not click the links provided elsewhere besides the native platform. Uploading videos directly on Facebook encourages viewership and increases exposure as Facebook promotes such videos to a broader audience. Therefore, to enhance your video views, you should begin by directly uploading them on Facebook.

7. Tagging sponsors and creators

It is advisable to tag fellow brands and creators to increase the visibility of the content, even if there are no sponsors or brand advertisements to start with. Depending solely on the audience of the Facebook page for engagement is difficult, as there is a chance of them missing it. Big influencers may find the natural reach of Facebook pages, roughly 500 views, insignificant. Therefore, tagging different labels and brands related to the video will significantly increase the possibility of producing videos in collaboration with them.

8. Including Facebook Ads

Advertisements in between the videos certainly sound annoying, but for the content creators, this can target a lot more views than expected. Having these will ensure that the page’s followers are the ones to engage with your video. A targeted audience will also help promote the videos on a larger scale. Here, one can also buy ads for a wide spread of sharing among the audience. 

9. Adding call-to-action (CTA)

Facebook provides several ways to offer free marketing strategies, and one of them is by adding a call-to-action (CTA) in video content. Adding a CTA is an ideal way to bring traffic to your page and encourage viewers to interact with it, converting them into potential customers. With a CTA, you can link your video to various website blog posts, allowing viewers to click the link. It will redirect them to the video for more information. Additionally, one can use the comments section to encourage information sharing. By incorporating a CTA at the end of the video, the audience will know what to do next, enhancing the value of the video.

10. Continuous sharing of video

Lastly, sharing your content on various social media platforms and stories will help the audience understand the information. Continuously sharing it will make the video more prominent and encourage viewers to access the content easily. Even sharing your older video content can ensure the viewer checks the latest video along with the older ones. Promoting it across relevant platforms gives you a better chance of engaging more views, which can lead to future collaboration prospects. 

You can also take the aid of FBPostLikes, which can simply increase your Facebook video views with ease. You can choose the plan from the available ones to match your budget and requirement.

Wrapping up

Since 2018, Facebook has consistently been one of the top markets due to the worldwide popularity of the global sharing app among teenagers and older generations. Video marketing generates the highest annual revenue, and one can predict it will remain successful in the coming decades. Therefore, more opportunities exist to use powerful channels to attract customers. Moreover, sharing video marketing content on social media platforms like Facebook is particularly effective, given the rapid growth of video content. As Facebook has many active users, optimizing new video upload features is essential for gaining a large audience.

Though these tips may not guarantee millions of views on your videos, they will help ensure your content becomes more popular and engaging with each step. By following these hidden secrets, you can take small steps to keep your existing audience engaged and give new viewers a reason to follow your content. Increasing viewership in the long run for the future will ensure that video marketing takes the ultimate level. 

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