The Interior Paint Colors You Should Use If You’re Selling Your Home

If you plan to sell your home, the exterior part of your house is the first place your potential buyers will notice when they visit. As such, you must do everything to increase the curb appeal of the house. This includes but is not limited to repainting the house exterior. 

Unfortunately, if the exterior paint job is impressive, but the interior house painting is not as amazing, then the entire purpose is defeated. As such, it is best to have both the exterior and interior parts of your house repainted if you plan on selling.

When repainting your home to increase its appeal to potential buyers, the color you choose is a critical factor to consider as it sometimes determines how a buyer will react to the house. When selecting paint colors for your paint jobs, ensure you select the colors that bring out the beauty of the home.

Tips To Selecting Colors That Will Make Your House Spackle 

Always Choose Neutral Tones 

Most decorators and realtors believe that the best colors to paint the interior parts of the house when you want to sell are neutral tones. This is because neutral colors appeal to most people with multiple color palettes. It helps buyers get comfortable and even visualize themselves living in such homes.

Neutral tone colors have helped many realtors sell their properties over the years, as most buyers have been fascinated by such colors in buildings. When choosing an undertone for your home, ensure you choose one that compliments the flooring, window coverings, and furniture. You can either select a neutral, cool, or warm undertone.

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Warm Undertones

Warm undertones colors are highly flexible neutral colors that have the power to attract people. This is because they are primarily cozy, upbeat, and inviting. They include colors with a base of red, orange, or yellow like cream, tan and beige colors. These colors complement the natural light beautifully and are attractive to most buyers.

Cool Undertones

Cool undertones or shades are colors with a base of green, purple or blue. They give off a relaxing and calming appeal that gives the home a sleek and soothing vibe. It is best used in the bathrooms and bedrooms or rooms with smaller spaces. 

Neutral Undertones

Neutral undertones combine cool and warm tones, making them perfect for both warm and cool shades. They include colors like grey and white, which are most realtors’ choices for interior painting. Neutral undertones are great because they complement all other colors, irrespective of the undertone.

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The Best Interior Paint Colors For Your Home When You Want To Sell

When it comes to colors for home painting, there are hundreds of options one can select from. However, you have to ensure you choose the color with the right appeal. If you are having problems choosing the right color for your home, you can check out the trending colors in your area. You can check the recent home listings for better ideas of the colors that buyers love. You can also consult the services of a professional to help you with this. Below are three of the most common colors to paint your home when trying to sell.


One of the most loved and used interior paint colors is gray. Recently, this color has become popular with many realtors and homeowners, and the most preferred neutral color other than white or black. In the past, gray was seen as a dull color, but seeing how it matches perfectly with several popular neutral colors like cream, white, beige, taupe, and many more, it has become a popular option.  

Gray has a fantastic effect on the interior of a home and fits almost all styles. Its high versatility has seen it gradually replace tan or beige or tan as the people’s favorites. It also has a way of adding character and class to most decor styles in the home.


White is another great color to paint the interior of your home if you want to sell it. The beautiful thing about white is that it will always give off a classic appeal irrespective of the hues or shades it comes in. White remains one of the favorite standard interior colors for many reasons.

The fact that it makes the house appear clean, and presents the buyers a clean slate to start from, makes it a people’s choice. White will work with any interior style you choose and can make any room look brighter and more significant.

Pale Blue

Pale blue is another color making waves with many realtors and homeowners lately because of its soft and soothing appeal. Although blue is not regarded as a naturally neutral color, it is still cool, soft, and versatile enough to work well with the interior parts of the home and on potential buyers. Pale blue is perfect for smaller spaces like the bathrooms and complements other neutral colors perfectly.