Top 5 Reasons To Buy Groceries Online in India 

India is a land of diversity in term of cultures and rich heritage. The diversity is reflected through languages, traditions and, most importantly, the food. Savouring lip-smacking food is an integral part of the Indian lifestyle, and each state and even city has its own distinct range of delicacies and flavours. Technology has brought the whole world online, and it indeed changed the way food is prepared in households. Nowadays, people are more open to trying new recipes beyond staple food items, which is why online grocery shopping in India has flourished in the last few years.  

As a working professional, you enjoy your independent life and the freedom that comes with it. You occasionally indulge in cooking adventures that involve trying your culinary skills on different recipes. But like every other working professional, you may not get the time from your busy schedule to go grocery shopping. Then why not leverage technology to make your life easier? All you need is your smartphone to get a home grocery delivery and all the necessary list of groceries and condiments will be delivered to your doorstep in a few minutes. If you haven’t tried ordering groceries online before, this is the best time to try it. If you are not yet convinced about it, here are five reasons to switch to this virtual experience for real.  

1. Massive variety of Products 

So you recently watched that Lasagna recipe on YouTube and you’re planning to try your hand at it? Sadly, the grocery store outside your building may not have the necessary ingredients to make lasagna. Don’t be sad, though; you can always order all the ingredients online without leaving the comfort of your home. One of the best things about online grocery shops is that they offer a wide range of products, i.e the exotic vegetables and fruits that are rarely available with the local sellers can easily be delivered fresh to your doorsteps.   

Whether you plan to cook Italian food or Mexican, get everything you saw in the cookery show, from exotic spices to ricotta and mozzarella cheese, to complete your recipe. On top of that, sometimes you may not get all the ingredients you need in one store. Thankfully, with online grocery shopping, you don’t have to roam store to store to find all the items. You will find everything in one place. You can add all the items to the cart once, which will be delivered to your home within an hour. Isn’t that convenient? So get ready to cook that delicious lasagna. 

2. You get groceries at your doorstep. 

One of the major concerns for working professionals is finding the time to go grocery shopping. After working 5 to 6 days of hectic work, you only get the weekend to relax and unwind. Would you like to spend those precious hours commuting to the supermarket through traffic, stand in checkout queues for an hour or so and get exhausted while carrying those heavy grocery bags home? Why go through all the troubles of visiting a supermarket when you can get your online groceries delivered to your home in minutes?  

When you order groceries online, you save plenty of time that would have gone into commuting, waiting in line and walking through countless aisles in the supermarket. With online shopping, you can quickly search for the item you need, add it to the cart, make the payment and voila, you get groceries delivered to your home without any hassle. So get ready to start your weekend movie marathon and let the online grocery stores take care of your groceries.  

3. Faster and all-day deliveries 

What would you do if you were almost midway through a binge-worthy Netflix show and craved some Maggy at midnight? You check your kitchen cabinet, and there’s no Maggy at home. What a nightmare! Don’t worry; what if you can order Maggy and other snacks like instant popcorn and instant soups even at midnight? Yes, it’s possible. Major grocery delivery brands like wiggy Instamart offer faster and late-night deliveries of groceries. You can order your groceries online from early morning to late midnight, so you don’t have to worry about ordering groceries at any time of the day. Just add the grocery items to your cart and continue watching your favourite Netflix show. The groceries will be delivered by the time you finish your ongoing episode.  

4. Unbelievable discount offers and deals 

It feels good to get discounts on your online order, doesn’t it? Sadly, the shop owner from the grocery store out of your building may not offer you any discount on your groceries, but an online grocery store does. Online grocery stores offer countless discounts and deals that slash the order amount by a great margin. You also get to enjoy rewards and credit points that discount your further purchases. You can enjoy discounts on specific product categories or your final order amount. Various discount offers on debit cards and credit cards from multiple banks can give you further discounts on your order.  

5. Save money by avoiding impulsive purchases. 

Raise your hand if you are guilty of impulsive buying in supermarkets! When you buy groceries from supermarkets or grocery stores, you are more likely to come across countless products that you may not need but feel like buying. Whether it’s the family pack of Oreos or the massive potato chips that you will gobble within a few minutes. You might also want to stock those instant snacks for later. But what happened to that grocery list you brought with you, which had only five things listed? You will surely exceed your budget and spend more on impulsive purchases when you are facing thousands of products in supermarkets. Thankfully you can avoid that with online grocery shopping. 

When you shop your groceries online, you are more likely to stick to your budget. Unlike physical stores, you can search for specific products on the app and add only them to the cart. That way, you can stick to your grocery list and avoid spending on the unnecessary things you don’t need at the moment.  

Online grocery shopping has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we buy groceries. With countless discount offers, increased convenience, saved time, early morning and late night deliveries, and a wide range of product availability, online grocery shopping surely has the upper hand over shopping from supermarkets. So don’t let the last-minute grocery shopping spoil the fun; get groceries delivered to your home and enjoy your weekend with no worries.

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