Top 6 Books To Learn About Bitcoin

Trading in Bitcoins is something that investors consider a lot. To invest in an asset class, you should always attempt to know it inside out, the prospects, the goals, proper analysis, and the history. 

Are you worried about being left behind without a proper understanding of Bitcoins? Sometimes the websites and seminars are not enough for you to help you get a clear idea of things. If you are planning to start trading, we have certain books that will assist you in learning about Bitcoins properly. Read this article to know the books that will act as a helping hand in your Bitcoin investing journey:

  • Mastering Bitcoin By Andreas M. Antonopoulos 

It was published back in 2014 and has been a useful asset to understanding Bitcoin as an asset class and proper knowledge of Blockchain technology. It also explains the uses of Bitcoin and the purpose that digital currencies have to serve. Later in 2017, an updated version of the book was launched. 

  1. Cryptoassets By Jack Tatar And Chris Burniske 

The founder writes this book of a Cryptocurrency asset firm and an Angel investor. This book is partially focused on the history of the Cryptocurrency industry, which is something that is not known to many investors. It also talks about related tokens and commodities.

  1. The Book Of Satoshi By Phil Champagne

As we are all aware, the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has his identity as a mystery now. This book focuses on that mystery by presenting the readers with original emails and Internet posts done by him. The author gives his view on if Satoshi Nakamoto is a person or a group. It also contains the white paper on Bitcoin. 

  1. Cryptocurrency By Abraham K. White

This book gives us a closer look into the mining process, investing, and trading in digital currencies. It can be used to get information on all types of Cryptocurrencies because the investors sometimes neglect the less famous ones. 

  1. Bitcoin From Beginner To Expert By Christian Newman 

It is a practical guide on the benefits and facts that are associated with investing in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. It also provides people with knowledge of the Blockchain technology used in Cryptocurrencies. If you do not have any prior investing knowledge in Cryptocurrencies, then this book is the best buy for you. 

  1. Digital Gold By Nathaniel Popper 

The author explains what he knows about the anonymity of the founder of Bitcoin and the early days when Bitcoin had just come into the market. He compares digital currencies to Gold and goes on to explain how digital currencies will be accepted as a medium of exchange in the future. 

The Bottom Line

Books are the best way to widen our horizons on a topic. Bitcoins are something that requires thorough knowledge before we invest in them. This article has got you covered. You can find the best books here to learn about Cryptocurrency. So, make the most of it now to leave no room for errors.