Transforming Construction: The Impact of Modular Buildings

The construction industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with more and more developers recognising the advantages of modular buildings for their projects. This shift to modular construction signifies a change in thinking and approach, moving from a project-based mindset to a product-oriented perspective.

Changing Perspectives with Modular Buildings

How does this shift in thinking from a project to a product-based approach affect your development? And how does the modular building industry contribute to this change?

Traditional construction typically involves designing and constructing unique structures tailored to the client’s vision, with each project having its own requirements. However, modular buildings, produced in a factory environment, introduce a more product-oriented view of construction. Although managing a modular construction project still involves project management, the structure can be seen as a “product.”

Companies like Paragon Space, specialising in modular building construction, create buildings within controlled factory environments and develop product stock. This revolutionises the industry by transforming projects into products.

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Embracing a Product-Oriented Approach for Transformative Development

Shifting to a product-oriented approach offers numerous benefits for you and your plans. Let’s explore how this approach can transform your development:

Increased Efficiency

Modular construction significantly enhances productivity on your construction site. Project completion times can be reduced by up to 50%. Groundworks can be completed simultaneously with the structure’s construction, while readily available stock components contribute to shortened timelines. Employing fewer contractors improves efficiency, reducing labour costs and potential savings of around 20%. Replicating and adapting previous designs or projects saves time and benefits future projects.

Quality Control

All modules are constructed in controlled factory environments, ensuring thorough quality control measures are implemented. This guarantees higher-quality products, as modules are produced with precision and consistency. The uniform production process across different projects maintains a consistent level of quality while reducing the likelihood of faulty parts or mistakes. This further translates into cost savings.


While modular construction follows a controlled production process, the final product can be far from standard. The basic structure is manufactured in a factory environment, but after that point, customisation is limitless. Modular buildings are perfect for bespoke designs, allowing for easy customisation and adding wall partitions wherever needed. These partitions can be solid walls or glass, offering a range of customisation options.


Sustainability is a crucial consideration in many projects. Opting for modular buildings aligns with environmentally friendly construction practices. The controlled factory process reduces waste by using materials only as needed. High-quality equipment and energy-efficient techniques minimise emissions. Moreover, modular buildings can be recycled or reused after their initial use, further enhancing sustainability efforts.

Modular Buildings: Products Ready for Your Development

Unlike any other product you purchase, modular buildings have an “off-the-shelf” nature, but that doesn’t mean they are identical. Instead, the core product is “ready to go.” Paragon Space has several complete buildings in stock that can be shipped to your site within days. For more bespoke requirements, our design team is ready to discuss your needs and bring your project to life.

While there may be instances where traditional construction is more appropriate for your project, adopting a product-oriented mindset and considering modular buildings can maximise the benefits of this approach. Saving 50% on project timelines and reducing costs by 20% can significantly impact your development’s success.

To learn more about how modular buildings can improve the outcomes of your projects, reach out to the friendly team at Paragon Space, based in Hull, East Yorkshire.