Use Online Interview Preparation Tool For Success

Tool for Interview Preparation

We have all heard this famous quote – It doesn’t matter what you intend to achieve because regular practice will make your job easier. The same is true for job interviews as well. However, if you need help preparing for your job interview, you can get help from an excellent online interview preparation tool.


The interview preparation tool will allow you to appear for a mock interview and practice answers to common questions that are likely to be asked. It will only make you more confident before the actual interview. You can use these mock interview tools to enhance your skills. It will make you less nervous during an interview, improving your chances for final selection.


Previously, the only way for interview preparation was the do-it-yourself method. However, things have changed because you can get help from an excellent online interview preparation tool. 

Interview Warm-Up Tool by Google


Google has also launched an online interview preparation tool called “Interview Warm-Up,” enabling users to answer mock interview questions. However, this tool is powered by machine learning, where you speak to a virtual interviewer and then review your answers.


There are other very effective online interview practice tools too and Google is not the only one that has one. Job candidates can use these tools to supplement their do-it-yourself mock interviews and get even better at the interview process.


Google’s Warm-Up tool asks multiple questions from specific industries chosen by industry experts. The questions are usually collected from its Career Certificates program. Although some questions are of a general type, you can also choose questions from a particular industry you’re interviewing in.


As you respond to a question, your answer appears in real time so you can check your performance. Since Google’s online interview preparation tool uses machine learning to detect patterns, it can provide insights into your answers, such as some words you often use. The software can also guide you about how much time you usually spend discussing your experience, skills, goals, and other topics.

LinkedIn’s Interview Practice Tool


Talking of tools for interview preparation, LinkedIn proved smarter than Google and released a similar tool in 2020 that allows users to record the session while answering common interview questions. Subsequently, during the interview, the interview feedback tool gives suggestions on answers, including pacing, phrases, and filler words.


Once your answers are recorded, you can send them to LinkedIn for feedback. The online interview preparation tool is designed for virtual interviews, which has become more popular today. The interview tool from LinkedIn is like that of GoogleCandidates should use them in combination to improve their interview skills. Such tools are also handy for polishing public speaking skills.


There is also a perfect online tool for interview preparation from AMCAT to evaluate your interview skills. It can provide a realistic interview experience while sitting comfortably at home. You can assess your suitability for over 20 different job roles. The interview preparation tool from AMCAT uses the latest machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology.

Besides, Mock-AI assesses you for your body language, facial expression, and voice modulations. You get comprehensive feedback on your weak and strong areas based on your facial expressions, posture, and answers to the questions. Therefore, use this incredible tool to improve your interview skills and land your dream job!

Are interview preparation tools worth it?

We are living in a competitive atmosphere where everyone wants to outsmart others. Usually, the number of candidates is more than the jobs available; therefore, only a few can be selected. A prominent industry has recently emerged in interview skills training and courses nationwide. Now, you have many options for an online interview preparation tool.

The tool for Interview preparation is best evaluated by its value, not the price you pay. Interview skills training is costly, and a good online interview preparation tool is excellent value if it helps you get a job with a good package and fast-track your career.

Final Thoughts

The online Interview preparation tool can be worthwhile depending on your requirements and situation. Most leading tools continue to thrive and exist because inferior tools are outshined by the best online interview preparation tool. Hence, if you are sitting on the fence and are about to pay for one: the small investment could bring massive dividends for your future career. Technology has been the biggest disruptor in the hiring process adopted by top companies, and interview preparation tools are its perfect example.