Visit Arab World with Serene Air ticket Booking | Get to know about Flight status

No matter where you’re from, everyone loves to travel and enjoy the sights of other countries. Nowadays, people are looking for new or unique destinations in Europe, but Arab nations have their importance in tourism. People from Pakistan travel to Saudi Arabia and Dubai. People from America travel to Jordan, Arabian, and Lebanon. 

If you want to visit Arab countries and their top destinations and know about the best available for you, then you can book your flights and air tickets from Saudi Arabia with Serene Air.

Top Destination of the Arab World:

1. Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the largest oil-producing and most prosperous country in the Arab world. Many airlines offer cheap flights and air tickets to Saudi Arabia from all over the world. People of all age groups visit this country. Travellers can visit different destinations like Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar. You can get the best deals on serene air ticket booking. It offers various kinds and classes of flights to its customers.

2. Dubai:

Dubai is the most beautiful city in the Arabian Gulf region, with attractive beaches and an international airport. It was declared the best city in the world in 2017 and listed among the ten cities most watched by Americans. There are multiple things to do in this city for shoppers and travellers.

3. Jordan:

It is governed by the King of Jordan and has a monarchy system. It is famous for its beauty, historical sites, museums, rivers, natural parks, and many other places. In addition, it’s known as the best country for shopping in the Middle East. There are many luxury shops in Amman, like Burj Al Arab Hotel, where you can buy some branded accessories from Europe or America to make your dress look different in Jordan, also called a haven for tourists.

4. Lebanon:

Lebanon is considered the most beautiful country in the Middle East, with much history behind it. Tourists from all around the world come to visit this place for its history and picturesque scenery. If you plan to go on vacation, you can find your cheapest serene air ticket online for this destination.

5. Qatar:

Qatar is considered a small country but famous globally for its impressive buildings and attractions. Its capital is Doha, the most modern Middle Eastern city. Recently this country hosted the FIFA world cup in 2022.

About Serene Air Airlines:

Serene Air is a privately owned Pakistani airline that began its services in January 2017. This airline mainly operates in destinations like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, and more. Its International flights are from Islamabad to Riyadh, Islamabad to Sharjah, Islamabad to Dubai, and Karachi to Jeddah.

Due to its top-notch services, this airline has won the “Brand of the Year 2020” award, “Manas Airline of the Year”, and also won “Best new airline in Pakistan”. Moreover, through its cheap air tickets, it has become the top-notch choice for travellers worldwide.

About Serene Airlines Refund And Cancellations Policy:

If your flight is cancelled, it will cancel your ticket and refund the amount with a small handling fee. However, if you want to cancel your ticket, you must pay the handling fee according to your booking class. If you have questions about this airline’s cancellation and refund policy, please get in touch with their customer service team.

Serene Air’s motto:

“Serene Air We Want”. This slogan and vision have been trying to make their passengers enjoy their trips. It has a mission to provide its customers with an authentic and unforgettable vacation. Its services are based on user satisfaction and customer loyalty.


Q. What’s the online check-in window for Serene Airlines?

  1. At Serene Air’s website, you can do online web check-in. Apart from this, you can also check your baggage, pre-book your meals and select your seat.

Q. Do Serene Air flights have seat selection?

  1. Yes, you can select your seat at There is an option for both window and aisle seats, so there’s no need to worry about being squished next to a stranger!

Q. What is the luggage allowance for Serene Airlines?

  1. Baggage allowance for adults is 20kg, with 7kg hand baggage (carry-on). Children are allowed to carry 15 kilograms (luggage) and 10kg (hand baggage).

Q. How many international destinations does Serene Airlines cover?

  1. There are 4 international destinations named Sharjah, Dubai, Riyadh, and Jeddah in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, respectively.

Q. Where do Serene Air flights arrive and depart from?

  1. Serene Air flights operate out of the Jinnah International Airport (Islamabad), Quaid-e-Azam International Airport (Karachi), and Shahbaz International Airport (Quetta).