Wearing Jewelry: Advantages and Disadvantages

Fashion enthusiasts do not go by a day without wearing jewelry. It is a fashion accessory without which most people feel incomplete.

We have learned from history that ancient civilisations used jewelry to highlight their wearer’s natural beauty. That’s why women wear different pieces of jewelry to emphasize their beauty. Some wear jewelry to emphasize their feminine side, while others showcase their social status. 

Advantages of Wearing Jewelry

Wearing a piece of jewelry has several advantages, especially on your looks. It brings positivity to one’s image.

Highlights Best Features

Before, a piece of jewelry was worn to indicate the person who owned you. It denotes commitment and a sense of human connection. That’s why enslaved people wore bracelets or anklets for their masters to quickly identify them.

However, it is different these days. A piece of jewelry denotes love, whether it is a token of marriage or self-love. But let’s focus on self-love first. People who wear jewelry want their best features to be noticed. Let’s say you wear an earring, and it easily highlights your cheekbones. If you know your cheekbones are your best feature, you simply wear jewelry to highlight them.

Meanwhile, couples exchange rings or necklaces as a token of their marriage. It highlights their love and commitment.

Reflects Personality

Did you know that the kind of jewelry you use reflects your personality? Whether you prefer to wear small or statement pieces, it expresses your personality.

Let’s say you prefer to wear brightly colored jewelry. It means you have a colorful and bright personality. Meanwhile, those who prefer to wear smaller and bold colors display a minimalist and simplistic personality.

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Adds a Nice Pop of Color

When you choose the right jewelry, it adds a nice pop of color to your whole look. If you think your outfit is a bit dull, wear solid and bold-colored jewelry, it will give a dash of color. 

Appearance Uplift

Sometimes, we feel like making an appearance upgrade, especially when attending an event. Wearing jewelry enhances your look.

If you are afraid that your outfit will not carry your image at the event, wearing jewelry turns things around. Wearing a plain black dress and gold jewelry pieces will make you elegant. Simple yet dashing, isn’t it?


Some pieces of jewelry are functional; not all are for ornaments. Let’s say wristwatches and some wristwatches are luxurious jewelry. Most fashion enthusiasts invest in a wristwatch. Other than it being a fashion item, it is functional. It is useful when you do not have your smartphone or when in an important business meeting.

Good Investment

Jewelry is not only for looks. It is a good investment as it holds its value indefinitely. If you have a jewelry collection, then you definitely have a secured future. However, you have to ensure that the ones you bought are from reputable jewelry suppliers.

Gold remains to have a stable value, it does not fluctuate easily like the value of cash. That’s why investing in gold jewelry is the best option you can have. It goes the same way with pieces of jewelry with diamonds.

Disadvantages of Wearing Jewelry

Beautiful they may seem, jewelry has disadvantages too. This is not to discourage you but to help you become aware of the possible disadvantages of wearing jewelry.

Some jewelry looks fake and cheap.

It is disappointing to buy jewelry that looks fake and cheap, and it would be more heart-wrenching if it really is. Although some jewelry is made in bizarre designs, it may still look cheap because of its materials. 

If you are not careful with the jewelry you wear, you might make yourself look cheap rather than sophisticated. That’s why when you choose a piece of jewelry to wear, select the ones from trusted wholesale jewelry suppliers

Leaves a Green Mark on Skin

Although not all experience this, have you seen a green mark on your skin after removing your jewelry?

These green marks stamped on your skin after wearing jewelry for a couple of hours are caused by their materials. Not all jewelry is made with pure metals. Pure metals are very malleable. That’s why jewelry makers add a different metal to the gold or silver to prevent the jewelry from bending easily. 

Fades and Breaks Easily

Fashion jewelry does not always pass the durable test. It is one of the significant disadvantages of having fashion jewelry. It wears out quickly after being worn a few times.

Moreover, you should not go for fashion jewelry if you plan to invest. Instead, go for authentic ones if you plan to inherit them to your future generations. That’s why it is best to get your jewelry from a reliable wholesale jewelry vendor.

Carefully check the piece of jewelry you plan to purchase. It is a risky investment, especially when you are not familiar with the supplier. Take the time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of buying and keeping jewelry.


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