What Are Some Examples Of Title IX Violations?

Title IX laws protect students against any form of sexual discrimination in their school or college premises. The rules apply to any educational institution that receives entire or partial funding from the federal government. It is essential to know what this law prevents to protect your rights. 

If a teacher or other member of your educational institution has violated your rights by discriminating against you or someone you know, make sure you contact a title ix advisor in California to seek justice. 

Examples of Title IX violations

  • Sex discrimination in athletics. 

When people hear the term Title IX, one of the things that immediately comes to mind is athletic discrimination, mainly because it has been in the news so many times. Schools and colleges are required to keep their sports activities free of sex discrimination. If your school or college has a particular sports team for boys/men, then they should have one for girls/women as well and vice versa. 

  • Sexual violence. 

Sexual violence has become common everywhere, and college campuses are no exception. We often get to hear stories of sexual assault and misconduct on the news, including sexual battery, coercion, unwanted or inappropriate touching, and aggressive physical advances. If you ever experience such incidents, you can file a complaint to your school, which should further take action. If they fail to do so, you can take legal action against them.

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  • Sex discrimination in education. 

Sex discrimination in education refers to educational programs or opportunities that are unavailable to some students because of their sex. For example, if your school conducts a weekly health class for females but not for males, it is discrimination. 

  • Sexual harassment. 

Sexual harassment may not immediately seem like a discrimination issue, but most sexual harassment cases are done “on the basis of sex.” It involves stalking, bullying, intimidation, sexual advances, sexually suggestive conversations, unwanted physical or verbal sexual conduct, or harassing someone and interfering with their academic rights. 

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  • LGBTQ discrimination. 

LGBTQ discrimination is one of the most serious issues in educational premises that has been increasingly appearing in the news. It involves how schools handle their LGBTQ+ students. Some common problems that emerge are bathroom and locker use, participation in gendered sports for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students. Any expectations or assumptions about another person’s sex can be filed as sex discrimination.

If your child has faced discrimination at school and you are not sure whether it counts as discrimination “on the basis of sex,” an attorney can help. Hire an attorney to get compensation and justice for victims of sexual discrimination at schools and colleges.