What is Affiliate Marketing? Beginner’s Guide

Affiliate marketing has become a great opportunity for many entrepreneurs, bloggers and content creators. The idea seems like an attractive way to make money online. However, you shouldn’t start without a plan first.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a method of making money online by promoting a product, service, website, or business and earning a commission on every successful sale. One of the most common examples of Affiliate Marketing is a referral link, as a publisher, you can put a link on your blog/website and then take users to another website. If he buys something, you get a commission on that purchase. There are other variants of this: requiring the user to take some action, such as registering, filling out a form, or obtaining an email address. In general, you can expect to use some kind of unique link for affiliated products or services.

 The amount of the fee depends on the affiliate program itself. Some show a percentage of sales, while others give a fixed amount for each conversion. Conversion tracking can be done in a variety of ways. Some people use links with unique code so that they can track the source of conversions.

An example of monetization and affiliate marketing

You already have an initial understanding of what affiliate marketing is. But how does it really work?

Now, here are two examples of how affiliate marketing works:

This is a simple and straightforward example of promoting a product of integration. Whether it’s a blog or your own website, you can promote your affiliate products by placing them using banner ads. Visitors interested in the product/service will be directed to the seller’s website where they can purchase if they click on the ad.

Another way to promote an affiliate product or service is to include a link in your content. This is especially useful for bloggers and content creators. One of the most common ways is to include links to related products in your articles. Similarly, you can create content on a particular topic and include affiliate links to products that are useful to your readers and users.

Learn about membership agreements

Before learning how to get started with affiliate marketing, there are a few terms you should be familiar with. If you’re considering affiliate marketing, knowing important terms can help you avoid confusion.


Members come in a variety of shapes and sizes but generally tend to be bloggers, content sites, or creators associated with the business industry. Affiliates are people who introduce a visitor to a product, service, or brand of a business. As mentioned earlier, you can do this by creating or creating content related to the seller’s products and services, using banner ads on your website, or issuing coupon codes.


Affiliate marketing offers merchants a higher ROI based on performance than other channels. That is, they only pay for real customers, not just access.

Therefore, when multiple affiliates are involved in the same transaction, the situation can be quite complicated. You may even run into situations where other affiliates ask for commissions at the last minute for clients brought in by other affiliates. A good affiliate program will offer multi-channel attribution to ensure that the affiliates who bring the most value get the most compensation.

Most affiliate programs are managed and organized through affiliate networks. They are useful because they provide a central database of available merchants, making it easy for members to find opportunities. It also gives merchants access to a large number of publishers (affiliates), who typically have access to tools such as payment processing, chargeback processing, tracking, reporting, and affiliate management.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Let’s start with the pros. If you’re considering affiliate marketing, here are some advantages:

  •         Low cost/low investment. Generally speaking, you don’t have to pay to join an affiliate program. Most affiliates handle both services and products, which means you don’t have to worry about inventory or supply.
  •         Joining is easy. There are very few difficulties in getting into the affiliate program. All you have to do is fill out a form and you can start promoting your products right away, although some programs can be more difficult to get into than others. 

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