What Is Ambu Bag?

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In the realm of emergency medical care, the Ambu bag stands as a vital tool, playing a crucial role in assisting patients who face respiratory distress or require immediate ventilation support. This portable, manual resuscitator serves as a lifeline in critical situations, providing essential aid in maintaining oxygenation and supporting breathing until more advanced interventions can be initiated. Let’s delve into the significance, functionality, and importance of the Ambu bag in emergency respiratory care.

What Is Ambu Bag?

The Ambu bag, short for “Artificial Manual Breathing Unit,” is a handheld, self-inflating bag-valve-mask device designed to deliver positive pressure ventilation to individuals experiencing respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, or other emergencies that compromise breathing.

Key Components And Functionality:

The Ambu bag comprises essential components that enable effective ventilation:

  • Bag Reservoir: The main component is a self-inflating bag made of silicone or other pliable materials, capable of expanding and contracting to deliver oxygen or a mixture of air and oxygen to the patient’s lungs.
  • Mask Interface: It is equipped with a mask that covers the patient’s nose and mouth or a specialized interface for securing an airtight connection, ensuring efficient delivery of air or oxygen.
  • Valves and Connectors: Integrated valves and connectors regulate the flow of gases, allowing for manual ventilation and preventing air from re-entering the bag during compression.

Importance In Emergency Care:

The Ambu bag holds critical importance in various emergency scenarios:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): During CPR, the Ambu bag is employed to deliver rescue breaths, supplying oxygen to the lungs of individuals experiencing cardiac arrest until a defibrillator or advanced life support measures are available.
  • Respiratory Distress and Failure: It serves as a primary intervention in cases of respiratory distress, such as asthma attacks, drowning, or drug overdoses, providing immediate breathing assistance before intubation or mechanical ventilation can be established.
  • Transportation and Pre-hospital Care: Ambu bags are essential in pre-hospital care settings, including ambulances and emergency response units, allowing for immediate respiratory support while transporting patients to medical facilities.
  • Training and Proper Use: Proficiency in using the Ambu bag requires specialized training and skills. Healthcare professionals, including paramedics, nurses, and physicians, undergo training to ensure proper technique and effective ventilation without causing harm to the patient.


The Ambu bag stands as a critical tool in emergency medical care, offering essential respiratory support in life-threatening situations. Its simplicity, portability, and immediate availability make it a cornerstone of emergency interventions, enabling healthcare providers to deliver crucial breathing assistance and sustain oxygenation until further medical interventions can be administered. As a fundamental device in the chain of lifesaving measures, the Ambu bag continues to be an indispensable asset in the hands of skilled medical professionals, contributing significantly to patient survival and improved outcomes in critical scenarios.


What Is Ambu Bag Used For?

An AMBU bag, also known as a manual resuscitator or bag valve mask (BVM), is a device used to provide respiratory support to patients in emergency and non-emergency situations. It consists of a self-inflating bag, a mask or mouthpiece, and a valve to control the flow of air.

What Is The Use Of Airway And Ambu Bag?

The mask is manually held tightly against the face, and squeezing the bag ventilates the patient through the nose and mouth. Unless contraindicated, airway adjuncts such as nasopharyngeal and/or oropharyngeal airways are used during BVM ventilation to assist in creating a patent airway.

What Is Ambu Medical?

Three-dimensional rendition of an automated artificial manual breathing units (AMBU) bag resuscitator.

What Is The Feature Of Ambu Bag?

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