What Is Article 360?

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In the intricate web of a nation’s constitution, there are provisions that play pivotal roles in shaping governance and maintaining order. Article 360 is one such element, embedded within the constitutional framework of certain countries. This article grants special powers to deal with financial emergencies, allowing the government to take extraordinary measures to address economic challenges. Let’s delve into the essence of Article 360, exploring its origins, implications, and the circumstances under which it comes into play.

What Is Article 360?

Article 360 finds its roots in constitutional law, where it serves as a tool for managing financial crises. Constitutions of various countries, including India, house similar provisions. In India, for instance, Article 360 is encapsulated within Part XVIII of the Constitution, which deals with “Emergency Provisions.”

Article 360 In The Indian Context:

In the Indian Constitution, Article 360 specifically addresses “Provisions as to Financial Emergency.” This article empowers the President of India to declare a state of financial emergency if the financial stability or credit of the nation is threatened. The President can act on the advice of the Council of Ministers, and once declared, it grants the central government the authority to take extraordinary measures to tackle the economic turmoil.

Declaration And Implications:

The declaration of a financial emergency under Article 360 is not a commonplace occurrence. It requires a comprehensive assessment of the financial landscape, and the decision rests on the discretion of the President. Once declared, the President can authorize the reduction of salaries and allowances of government officials, as well as the allocation of funds to meet unforeseen expenditures.

Furthermore, the central government gains the authority to issue directions to states regarding financial matters. This includes the modification of existing financial arrangements between the center and the states to ensure the effective management of resources during the crisis. The financial emergency remains in force until the President revokes it.

Historical Perspective:

While India has never declared a financial emergency under Article 360 since its adoption in 1950, the provision remains a critical aspect of the country’s constitutional arsenal. The framers of the Indian Constitution envisioned it as a safeguard against potential economic crises that could threaten the stability of the nation.


Article 360 stands as a testament to the foresight of constitutional framers who recognized the need for provisions to address financial emergencies. While its activation is a rare occurrence, its existence underscores the importance of having mechanisms in place to navigate turbulent economic times. Understanding Article 360 is not just an exercise in legal comprehension but an exploration of the intricate balance between governmental powers and the welfare of the nation’s citizens in times of financial distress.


What Is Article 352 356 And 360?

Article 352 of Part XVIII of the Constitution includes the national emergencies, Article 356 enlists the state emergencies, and Article 360 incorporates the financial emergencies.

Is Article 360 Subject To Judicial Review?

Yes, the 44th Amendment Act of 1978 allows judicial reviews to approve Financial Emergency Article 360 in the country. Article 360 illustrates the rights of the President to declare a financial emergency.

What Does Article 365 Says?

Article 365: As per this Article, President’s Rule can be imposed if any state fails to comply with all directions given by the Union on matters it is empowered to.

What Is Article 356 In Indian Constitution?

Article 356 gives wide powers to the Union government to assert its authority over a state if civil unrest occurs and the state government does not have the means to end it.

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