What Is Pqwl Waiting List?

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Train travel in India involves navigating through a complex web of waiting lists, and one such category that often puzzles passengers is the Pqwl Waiting List. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the intricacies of Pqwl, exploring its meaning, confirmation chances, and how it differs from other waiting list categories.

What Is Pqwl Waiting List?

Pqwl, or Pooled Quota Waiting List, is a specific category in the Indian Railways reservation system. It is designed to cater to passengers traveling from intermediate stations to a destination that falls beyond the originating and terminating stations. Understanding the dynamics of Pqwl is crucial for passengers seeking to secure a confirmed ticket for their journey.

What Is Pqwl Waiting List Quora?

Quora, being a platform for questions and answers, often hosts queries related to Pqwl Waiting List. Users on Quora may seek insights into the chances of confirmation, strategies for navigating Pqwl, and experiences of fellow travelers. It serves as an interactive space for sharing knowledge and advice on this waiting list category.

What Is Pqwl Waiting List Pnr?

When checking their reservation status, passengers may encounter the term Pqwl Waiting List alongside their PNR (Passenger Name Record) number. The PNR is a unique identifier for each booking, and the inclusion of Pqwl indicates that the passenger is on the Pooled Quota Waiting List.

What Is Pqwl Waiting List In Train?

Pqwl Waiting List in a train reservation pertains to specific quotas assigned to intermediate stations. Passengers traveling from these stations to a destination beyond the originating and terminating stations may find themselves on the Pqwl Waiting List. This category aims to ensure fair allocation of seats to passengers from various locations.

Pqwl Confirmation Chances

Determining the confirmation chances for Pqwl involves considering various factors, such as the number of cancellations, the distance to the destination, and the demand for tickets on that particular route. Analyzing historical data and current trends can provide insights into the likelihood of Pqwl tickets getting confirmed.

Pqwl Meaning In Hindi

In Hindi, Pqwl can be transliterated as “पूल्ड कोटा वेटिंग लिस्ट.” Understanding the meaning of Pqwl in Hindi helps Hindi-speaking passengers navigate the reservation system more effectively, ensuring clarity on their ticket status and confirmation possibilities.

Pqwl/40 Confirmation Chances

Pqwl/40 refers to the position of a passenger on the Pooled Quota Waiting List. The number ’40’ indicates the specific position in the waiting list. Evaluating confirmation chances for Pqwl/40 involves considering factors such as the overall demand for tickets and the likelihood of cancellations closer to the travel date.

Pqwl 1 Confirmation Chances

Passengers with a Pqwl 1 status have a higher chance of confirmation compared to those with higher waiting list numbers. However, confirmation chances still depend on various factors, including the route’s popularity, time of booking, and the historical trend of cancellations on that particular journey.

Rlwl Vs Pqwl

Understanding the difference between Rlwl (Remote Location Waiting List) and Pqwl is essential for passengers. While both cater to specific quotas, Rlwl is typically for passengers boarding at intermediate stations, while Pqwl serves those traveling from intermediate stations to a destination beyond the terminating station.

What Is Pqwl Waiting List?

Summing up the key points, Pqwl Waiting List is a category designed to accommodate passengers traveling from intermediate stations to a destination beyond the originating and terminating stations. It operates within specific quotas to ensure fair distribution of seats and requires passengers to navigate confirmation chances based on various factors.


In conclusion, navigating the intricacies of the Pqwl Waiting List is crucial for train passengers in India. Whether seeking insights on Quora, checking PNR status, or evaluating confirmation chances, a comprehensive understanding of Pqwl enhances the overall train travel experience. As passengers embark on their journeys, decoding the dynamics of waiting lists becomes an essential skill, ensuring a smoother and more informed travel experience.


Can Pqwl Get Confirmed?

PQWL aka pooled quota waiting list is difficult to get confirmed as it is booked from in between route station where multiple station get combined quota of seats which is very small. That’s why pqwl is very difficult to confirm in most of the cases.

Is Pqwl Better Than Wl?

This WL is given when passenger wants to travel between source and an intermediate station or in simple words PQWL is given to passengers who wish to travel lesser distances. There is a single pooled Quota for the entire run of the train.

Can We Travel With Pqwl Waiting List Ticket?

You cannot. If you have booked the ticket online through IRCTC and it doesn’t get confirmed until charting, IRCTC will refund your amount. Hence traveling on PQWL, no matter what class you’re in, will be treated as ticketless travel and penalized accordingly.

What Is The Difference Between Rac And Pqwl?

If your ticket is RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) or WL (Waiting List) the same will be mentioned on your ticket. In certain cases your ticket will show CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List) RLWL (Roadside waiting list) or PQWL (Pool Quota Waiting list) instead of WL.

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