What Is Temporary Magnet?

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Magnets are fascinating objects that have been used for various purposes throughout history. While permanent magnets are widely known, temporary magnets are equally important and serve specific functions in different industries and applications. In this blog post, we will explore what a temporary magnet is, how it differs from a permanent magnet, and its uses in everyday life and industries.

What Is Temporary Magnet?

A temporary magnet, also known as an induced magnet, is a type of magnet that only exhibits magnetic properties when in the presence of an external magnetic field. Unlike permanent magnets, temporary magnets do not retain their magnetism once the external field is removed. Their magnetic properties are induced by the proximity of a strong magnet or an electric current.

Properties And Behavior:

  1. Induced Magnetic Field: Temporary magnets do not have an inherent magnetic field of their own. Instead, they align their magnetic domains and acquire magnetic properties when brought close to a permanent magnet or exposed to an electric current.
  2. Alignment of Magnetic Domains: When a temporary magnet is exposed to a strong magnetic field or an electric current, its magnetic domains align in the direction of the external field, creating a temporary magnetization effect.
  3. Reversibility: Unlike permanent magnets, temporary magnets lose their magnetism when the external magnetic field is removed. The alignment of magnetic domains is temporary and reversible.

Applications Of Temporary Magnets:

  1. Electromagnets: Temporary magnets find extensive use in electromagnets, which are widely employed in various applications, including electric motors, generators, relays, MRI machines, and magnetic separators. By passing an electric current through a coil wrapped around a ferromagnetic core, the induced magnetic field creates a temporary magnet, which can be controlled and adjusted as needed.
  2. Magnetic Testing and Inspection: In industries such as manufacturing and quality control, temporary magnets are used for non-destructive testing and inspection. They are used to identify and detect flaws or cracks in metal components by applying a magnetic field and observing the response or changes in the magnetic field pattern.
  3. Magnetic Latches and Closures: Temporary magnets are commonly used in magnetic latches and closures. These are found in various applications, including cabinet doors, toolboxes, and doors in public transportation, where a secure closure is needed without the need for mechanical locks or latches.
  4. Magnetic Sensors: Temporary magnets play a crucial role in magnetic sensors used in a wide range of applications, including automotive systems, robotics, and security systems. These sensors detect changes in magnetic fields and convert them into electrical signals for various purposes, such as proximity sensing, position sensing, and speed sensing.


Temporary magnets, also known as induced magnets, exhibit magnetic properties only in the presence of an external magnetic field. While they do not retain their magnetism once the external field is removed, temporary magnets serve important functions in various industries and applications. From electromagnets and magnetic testing to latches and magnetic sensors, temporary magnets play a significant role in modern technology. Understanding their properties and applications helps us appreciate the versatile nature of magnets and their wide range of uses in our everyday lives.


How Do You Make A Temporary Magnet Class 6?

Iron bar as a temporary magnet

Rubbing a magnet 30 to 40 times on a horizontal line along the length of a non- magnetised iron bar can magnetise it. It is important to rub in one direction. When an iron nail or any other ferromagnetic object is brought near the bar, the bar will attract it.

Which Magnet Is A Temporary Magnet Class 6?


An electromagnet is called a temporary magnet because it produces magnetic field so long as current flows in its coil.

What Is Temporary Magnet Class 5?

Temporary magnets are those magnets that lose their magnetism as soon as the cause producing their magnetism is removed. Materials like iron, nickel, and cobalt are used for making permanent magnets. Iron materials get magnetized very easily, hence iron is used for making temporary magnets.

How Are Temporary Magnets Formed?

Temporary magnets are created through soft metals and only hold their magnetic properties if any external magnetic field, unlike a permanent magnet or electronic current, is near it. Commonly used temporary magnets involve iron nails and paperclips, pulled or attracted by a strong magnet.


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