What Sets You and Your Firm Apart in Handling DWI Cases?

Unlike in centuries past, the practice of law in modern society is much more refined. With so many competent lawyers available, it’s no longer enough to be just “good enough.” This is especially true if you want to set yourself apart. 

With numerous firms handling various cases, there are a plethora of options to choose from, like the DWI Guys handling DWI cases in Albany. There’s no denying that so many DWI industry players have created a fiercely competitive environment. To stand one, you need to create a unique brand that appeals to potential clients. For example, most firms take the approach of highlighting their years in business and all the connections they’ve formed. While such features are impressive, they don’t make you stand out as much. Chances are, there are several firms with similar or better credentials.

Clients today demand more than mere legal representation. As an attorney, you have to go beyond the call of duty and ensure that your clients feel properly taken care of. This is especially crucial in protracted or acrimonious cases. DWI cases, for example, can mean the possibility of a long prison sentence or revocation of driver’s licenses for your clients. In such instances, it’s your duty as an attorney to provide comfort and moral support for your client, among other things.

The following things can help set your DWI practice apart from other firms. 

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An engaging web presence

As with any business, a lack of web presence in the 21st century is a death sentence. First impressions are crucial in this line of work. Ensure to have a robust website with all the necessary features to make contacting your firm easier. Imagine a client logging onto your site but being confused about making inquiries because of a web page cluttered with numerous irrelevant features and information. Such potential clients will likely seek other firms if your website isn’t user-friendly. Build your website to make it easy for clients to navigate through the different pages and features.

Offer more options to your clients

Regardless of how big your firm is, the ability to quickly and effectively handle a client’s case should be the essence of your DWI practice. Ensure that your system is set up to accommodate requests from clients past working hours. DWI cases can get complicated, with impromptu court appearances sometimes popping up. Your firm should be able to respond to clients quickly and give them access to their case information when they need it. A crucial part of this involves making it easier for clients to pay your fees. Complicated payment systems can become frustrating, both for you and the client. Ensure that all your systems and services are synchronized. You can create multiple channels through which the client can contact you, thereby increasing convenience for them.

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Demonstrate value without having to explain it

While this might seem counterintuitive, it can be very effective. Demonstrating value without talking about it is a very powerful way of advertising that taps into basic human psychology. For example, people are less likely to believe a braggart than someone that simply demonstrates their knowledge and experience through consistent actions. As a DWI lawyer, endeavor to contribute to blogs and publications of DWI in your area or location. This is because people searching for your services not only look at your website but your entire digital footprint. Providing valuable information on DWI cases and engaging in the community makes you and your firm seem more of an authority on the subject, hence setting you and your firm apart.

Choose your language thoughtfully

With everyone and their cousin fancying themselves as marketing experts, it becomes very difficult to stand out in any industry. Making your DWI practice stand out means avoiding clichés and vague statements that are very much open to different interpretations. If, for example, you market yourself as a “DWI lawyer” for all cases, clients can be confused. You need to ensure that your website, bio page, and all information related to your brand communicate your values and what you can do for clients. This makes it abundantly clear what you represent, meaning clients know exactly what to expect once they decide to contact you.

Your goal is to ensure that your firm is a cut above the rest. This can only happen when you consistently tweak your marketing efforts to achieve this end. It’s not about how aggressive your efforts are, and being more targeted will be beneficial in the long run.