Your Guide to Heat Pump and Repair Services

        The access to heat and warmth is essential to our daily lives. We have had access to such throughout the years in many different forms, such as the furnace, the campfire, jackets, flannels, coats, and so much more. But of course, the key aspect to where we first knew of warmth, came from fire.

        Fire is the element that first gave warmth and heat. It was the catalyst that helped us evolve from mankind’s prehistoric days and has contributed to our evolution ever since then. It does notmatter about the form or function; the element is a crucial feature of our advancement in the world and society as a whole.

        Now of course fire has had many uses over the years, some fundamental, others essential; some born out of convenience, others out of necessity. One of the most important, and not to mention successful adaptive uses of fire, was of course the furnace, and with the furnace, heat pumps.

What are Heat Pumps?

        A heat pump is a part of the home heating and cooling system, also known as the air conditioning system (see more here) that is usually installed outside of the house. It can both provide cool and warm air throughout the house like air conditioning. They are usually powered by electricity and help transfer heat to provide warmth throughout the year.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

        A heat pump works by transferring heat from one place to another through different air and heat sources. If it is an air source, it pumps heat between the air inside your home and the air outside of it. If it is a ground source, it pumps heat by means of geothermal heat pumps, which transfer heat like an air source, between the air outside and the air inside your home.

        It is important to know that a heat pump does not create heat. Rather, it transfers it, moving it from one place to another within the house. The heat pumps are really a part of the furnace, which actually creates the heat and disperses said heat through the pumps.

Components of a Heat Pump

        Heat pumps are comprised of threecomponents: an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and a refrigerant.

  • Outdoor unit- comprised of a coil and a fan. The former acts as a condenser or evaporator, depending on whether air is hot or cooled, then blows the air into the latter to bring about the process of heat exchange.
  • Indoor unit- also known as the air handler unit. It, like the indoor unit, is comprised of one coil and one fan. It also, like the outdoor unit, acts as an evaporator or condenser. However, the indoor unit is responsible for transferring the air across the vents throughout one’s home or building.
  • Refrigerant- a substance that either absorbs or rejects heat as it is transferred throughout the heating pumps.

        There are also sub-components of these materials, which include but are not limited to:

  • Expansion valve- a meter device that regulates the flow of refrigerant passing through the heat pumps.
  • Compressor- the component responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant while it moves through the heating pumps.

        As you can see, there are a lot of components that go into the overall function of a heat pump, but these components help ensure that the system functions efficiently and properly. Now what should happen if any of these parts break or falter? How do you deal with such an outcome when the heat pumps, or really any part of the furnace and air conditioning system, need repair?

How to Repair Your Heat Pumps

        You could try and do the job yourself, but unless you are experienced in the ways of engineering or even know your way around an air conditioning system, the chances are you are likely to do more harm than good. But thankfully, there is an option for those of us who are inexperienced in such methods: hiring those who are.

        There is no shortage of repair companies out there, especially when it comes to essential home appliances like air conditioners and furnaces. You can find these types of companies online or on a commercial, and they offer plenty of services ranging from heat pump repair to installation or even removal entirely.


        Heat and warmth are things that we should all have access to, and thankfully, in this day and age, we have the tools and appliances to do so. However, it is important that we ensure that such appliances are maintained so that they do not break down or be repaired in the future or cost us more money in the long run. So,if you feel your furnace or its heating pumps need repairs, or even a checkup, consider calling an expert today.