5 Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door

If your garage door is functioning as expected, likely, you have never thought of replacing it. However, garage doors need to do much more than open and close correctly. When searching for a technician to fix your garage door, choosing repair services at Chicago Garage Door is advisable. 

A well-trained and experienced technician can evaluate your garage door issues and offer professional advice on whether you should replace or repair the door. This post lists a few excellent reasons to replace your garage door instead of repairing it. 

Improve The Property Value And Appearance

Do you like the current appearance of your garage doors? If your garage doors do not match the color, look, and style of the rest of your house, it may be time for a replacement.  You can consult a design expert to help you pick out a new garage door that fits in with the decor of your home. A qualified technician will install your garage door professionally once you have picked it out. 

Did you know that an out-of-date garage door or one that is broken can reduce the curbside appeal of your home? If you are trying to improve your home’s property value, getting a modern garage door that is well installed will undoubtedly achieve this. Potential buyers will see your garage door before getting into your home. Replacing your garage door is bound to impress potential buyers. 

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Save Money On Your Energy Bills And Garage Door Repairs 

A large portion of your heating bill may be caused by a lack of proper insulation on your garage door. Old garage doors lack adequate insulation and are guaranteed to give your air conditioning unit a hard time, causing you to pay more in energy costs.

If you use your garage for any other purpose except parking your car and storing items, it is highly advisable you purchase a modern garage door that is properly insulated. Getting a properly insulated garage door will reduce your energy bills and allow you to heat or cool your garage as required without high energy consumption. 

Old garage doors require frequent maintenance due to wear and tear. If your garage door needs constant repairs, your technician has probably recommended installing a new door to save money on costly repairs. It is advisable to replace your garage doors every ten years. 

Better Storage 

The majority of homeowners use their garages for much more than parking their cars. If you store your belongings in the garage, it is essential to ensure that the garage door is in good shape, fits properly, and has the proper insulation. Storing your belongings in a garage whose door is old, poorly fitting, cracked, or uninsulated puts your property at risk. 

Poorly fitting doors expose your belongings to pests and outdoor elements such as humidity and dust that could damage any sensitive items stored there. Do not risk the security and optimal condition of items that may not fit in the house, e.g., lawnmowers. Old doors are also easier to break into and could let intruders into the rest of your home through the garage. 

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Improved Safety And Access Features

Simply because your current garage door opens and closes as expected does not necessarily mean that it is safe for your children and pets. Newer model garage doors are designed with an inbuilt sensor that can halt closing if it discovers an obstruction, e.g., a child, pet, or object in its path. Old garage doors often cause accidents during opening or closing. 

Old model garage doors have few security features and are much easier for intruders to break into. Such doors are often the weak link in homes that may have invested in top-notch security measures. New garage doors offer many security options such as a keypad and fingerprint access that are guaranteed to keep intruders out of your garage and, ultimately, your home. 

Reduce Homeowners Insurance 

When you replace your old wooden garage door and have an expert install a new steel one, your homeowner’s insurance premiums may reduce up to 10%. Your old wooden garage door is much more susceptible to weather damage and other acts of nature, which are likely to increase your rates.

A new garage door that is impervious to weather damage reduces your chances of making an insurance claim and thus is likely to reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums. When changing your garage door, inform your insurance provider so you find out how much you stand to save.