Top 3 Things to Consider While Designing Your Custom Fitted Table Covers

In the world of marketing, many business owners don’t know the difference between tablecloths and table covers. Even though entrepreneurs do use tablecloths to cover their tables at trade shows, the primary purpose, as well as the professionalism of tablecloths, isn’t the same as table covers. Tablecloths are used both for practical and decorative purposes. However, most of the tablecloths are thrown out after single use as they are crafted from non-durable lightweight paper or thin cloth material.

On the other hand, a professional table cover can be used as a highly effective marketing medium. High-quality fitted table covers can last for many years especially if they come in vibrant colors and washable materials.

Whether you’re a startup looking for some strong first impression at trade shows or a big company that regularly participates at conventions and special events, custom-fitted table covers are one of the most important marketing strategies you should remember. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 things that you need to consider while designing fitted table covers.

Determine What Kind of Fitted Table Cover You Need

Fitted table covers are available in different sizes and shapes. Before you start choosing the covers, make sure you determine how you plan on using those fitted table covers. Will you use it on standard-sized tables? Which area of the fitted table covers will provide your brand logo the best exposure? Should you focus on the top more than the sides or top? Does the fitted table cover need to be protected against spills?

Answering these questions will help you to design great fitted table covers for your trade shows. Remember the usage of the table covers so that you can pick the perfect one.

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Choose a Table Cover with Relevant Size

Selecting the perfect fitted table cover size is extremely important because it will reflect your presentation. Many business owners purchase oversized fitted table covers and end up making a big mistake. If you don’t know what size of fitted table covers is appropriate for your trade shows, consider choosing the default 6-foot table covers. The 6-foot long table covers will work best both on the 6-foot and 8-foot tables. But, it’s still recommended to check for the size before designing a fitted table cover.

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Make Sure the Table Covers Look Great

Maintaining your fitted table covers will ensure their longevity. While washing the fitted table covers, wash them in both cold and warm water. If you notice small stains, consider removing them by washing the particular position with a brush as well as a combination of water and soap. Dry them naturally or use a moderate dryer to preserve their colors. However, make sure that you never dry clean the fitted table covers.

While choosing the fitted table covers, prioritize durable polyester fabric. As per Quora, polyester is highly wrinkle-resistant. Additionally, while packing the fitted table covers, make sure you roll them instead of folding them. This is a great way to prevent any wrinkles.


These are the top 3 things you need to consider while designing custom-fitted table covers. Remember that intriguing and attractive fitted table covers will attract people to your booth. Hence, make sure the design of the fitted table covers is great.