Why Spring Is The Essential Time For Air Duct Cleaning

The springtime precedes summer and comes after the cold winter period. During this period, many homeowners begin to open up their windows and homes, in general, to allow the flow of the winter air outside the home. Snow begins to melt as the plants outside begin to form pollen which is easily sucked inside your HVAC system and could potentially cause health problems to your family.

While most of us would remember to clean our furniture and other parts of the house, we tend to neglect the most important part, which is the lungs of our houses. Any duct cleaning contractor will tell you that the spring is the best time for homeowners to clean their air duct for several reasons. This article will discuss the various reasons why cleaning your air duct is essential during the springtime.

Ensures Clean Air Quality

Cleaning your air duct after the winter period will help you remove all the debris trapped inside your HVAC system during the whole winter season. As you’d remember, all the windows were closed, which meant that the air duct was solely providing the household air.

During the winter period, we spent a considerable amount of time indoors, meaning that our air duct system was constantly sucking in dust, pet dander, and allergens due to the wet season. 

The spring season also comes with vegetation blooming, which attracts pests, insects, pollen, and other contaminants that can find their way into your living area. This means that the air quality inside your home may be full of impurities that might cause respiratory issues for members of your family. Similarly, your HVAC system may become ineffective in cleaning the air you breathe because it is overwhelmed by dust.

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Saves You Cleaning Time

If you have noticed that your furniture collects dust more often after being cleaned, then your air duct might be the culprit for this. The springtime brings along with it temperate air, which means that dust particles can easily flow around the house and get sucked back into the air duct system. Cleaning your air ducts during this period not only improves the quality of air for your household but also saves you the time you would use to reclean your home.

Removes Bad Odor

You would agree with me that the winter season may have allowed rodents and other small animals to escape inside your house for safety. Since most of the openings were closed, it is safe to imagine that these animals died inside these hidden spaces causing the uncomfortable smell you are experiencing. 

Similarly, the smell could be caused by mold or mildew, a leaky heat exchanger, a bad blower motor that is overheating, or the accumulation of bacteria in debris. All these are problems that can be discovered and rectified earlier to prevent severe repercussions.

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Reduces Allergies

Uncleaned air vents are a nightmare to people suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. The air from this air duct is harmful as it hosts bacteria and microorganisms that would hurt the health of an already sick person and that of a perfectly healthy person.

Whenever you feel any signs of allergies, especially when the air conditioning is on, this is a clear indicator that you need to clean your air duct as soon as possible. This would reduce the risks of infections to your family.

Saves You Money

A clean air duct has a trickle effect on your finances down the line. Since your HVAC system would be energy efficient, you will consume less energy, reflecting positively on your monthly bill.

You will also save when it comes to cleaning as there would be no need to reclean areas after you have done the full cleaning of your air duct. Similarly, fewer allergies and other respiratory issues would mean that there is less hospitalization which allows you to save more on medication.

Other Essential Times To Clean Your Air Duct

Although the spring is the cleaning period for your air duct, it is important to keep in mind other times that would necessitate you to clean your air duct. These include:

  • Moving into new construction or renovation – You should remember to clean your air ducts every time construction or renovation has occurred. Construction material tends to clog the air duct causing contaminants to penetrate your living area.
  • Moving into a previously occupied space – If you are moving into a previously occupied space, ensure you clean the air duct to remove any contaminants, especially if the previous owner had pets.
  • After 3-5 years – It is crucial to perform a clean-up for your air duct every 3-5 years to remove the dust that builds up over time.

Ensuring you are keeping tabs with your air duct cleaning process will pay off in the overall experience and good health for your family. A clean air duct improves the efficiency of the system and ensures the system serves you for longer.